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Travel tips.

Last time we talking about   Safety of tourists on vacation.

In Europe, everything is from huge cities to strange villages, mountains, beaches, and lakes. All these places will be the way you imagined them. Venice will open all its charms for you, and spring Paris will surpass all expectations of lovers of romance. Oxford's colleges really sound like the sets of Harry Potter films. Europe can surprise with its modern sights and architecture. If you are traveling for the first time, follow these tips. They will help you combine practicality with a superb time.


Choose the season correctly


If you choose to travel during the peak summer season, it is best to choose the eastern part of Europe - the Balkan coastline, the Slovenian mountains and the Baltic city. Here you will find many fantastic places for an inexpensive vacation. When the tourist movement ceases with the onset of autumn, go to central Europe. Famous coastlines and islands of southern Europe are quieter at this time of year, and the city of Spain and Italy, acquire a special charm. In winter, Europe can offer world-class skiing and a festive New Year's mood. In the spring it is worthwhile to direct your way to the north, to the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France and the British Isles. For every European country, there is a season and a season. Clearly determine what exactly you want, before booking a tour.



Reasonably book accommodation


Housing is one of the key costs during a trip, this should not be an obstacle to planning a budget tour in Europe. Even in expensive European cities, there is a hostel system, where there is always an affordable place at an affordable price. The level of hostels in Europe sometimes even surpasses many hotels. If you are ready to camp, take care of the tent and sleeping bag. You can stay in specially equipped places. Come in the summer, when cheap university housing is available for tourists. Be sure to book hotels and hostels in advance, regardless of your budget, especially during the peak summer months.


Observe precautionary measures


The victim of scammers can easily become. One of the main tips for travelers will be the observance of precautionary measures. Avoid tourist traps, try not to show your expensive camera or smartphone. Watch your bags, take care in hostels and trains, especially at night. Make a photocopy of your passport and store it online, which will avoid many problems in case of loss of documents. 

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Travel by train


Traveling by train is the best option for exploring the diversity of countries. The train very quickly overcomes even the longest distances, and you at this time can get some sleep. The cost of the ticket will correspond to the cost of living during the night. Most European countries are covered by the network of trains InterRail, or similar system Eurail. Depending on the free time and budget, choose all countries of interest to you and book train tickets. An unforgettable trip is guaranteed to you.


Travel during festivals


In Europe, there are many events, festivals, big noisy parties and other events. It is best to travel through the cities of Europe during these holidays, in order to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of noise and fun. But to plan a tour and book hotels, in this case, is worth it in advance. Some of the most exciting holidays include St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, when Dublin becomes the epicenter of the extravaganza, as well as all kinds of Christmas fairs, the tomato battle in Spain, flower parades in the Netherlands, etc.



Eat like a local


You will meet with the best dish in the world during your trip to Europe, so enjoy the meal to the fullest. A low budget should not be a hindrance if you avoid tourist traps. Try to eat and drink with the locals, who always know the best and inexpensive places. Do not miss free breakfasts in hotels where you can eat well for the day ahead. Attend local fairs where farmers sell fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices.



Look for free services


Even with a minimal budget, you can fully enjoy the journey. A low budget does not mean that you will not be able to visit the most expensive cities in the world. A lot of cult European events are quite accessible, and sometimes even free: look for free city walking tours, get acquainted with the Italian tradition in Rome, make the most of the free museums in London.


Do not go to bed late


There are innumerable reasons to walk before sunrise. Europe lives during the first hours after midnight, and many famous institutions are ready to receive tourists around the clock. Nevertheless, try to rest more and stay up late. This will allow you to keep your strength for further travel.



Visit the beaches


Tired and exhausted? It's time to visit the beach. Formentera beaches are quieter and more wild than on neighboring Ibiza, while Croatia and Italy have many beaches with beautiful white sand. On the beaches of Europe, there is a huge amount of information, where you will choose the most suitable place for recreation.



Deviate from tourist routes


If you want to experience the charm of Europe without crowds, then sometimes it is worth deviating from the tourist routes. Try to visit Olomouc in the Czech Republic - a miniature Prague with beautiful architecture and fewer tourists. Pay attention to Berat, a magnificent Albanian city with the remains of Ottoman architecture and picturesque nature.