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How to travel at minimal cost?


Today, in times of unstable economic situation in the country and in the world, and also because of the constant changes in exchange rates, free to travel the dream of every man. It would seem that traveling inexpensively it's just an impossible dream, but in fact, it is not.
There are many ways to make travel almost free, or even completely free.

How almost free to get to the destination?

For a person who wants to travel around the world and at the same time wishing to spend as little money as possible, nothing is impossible. The main thing is a goal and a really strong desire. Everything else depends only on the efforts made.
The first thing that a journey begins with is the road to the destination. There are several ways to do this for almost free.

1. The hitchhiker.
This option is very popular, especially in Europe and abroad. But not everyone decides on this.

2. Find fellow travelers.
Today, a huge number of people prefer to travel by car. The network has many sites and groups that are looking for fellow travelers for joint trips. Of course, this option can not be called completely free. Most likely, it is necessary to spend "on gasoline".
However, it is still often cheaper. This method is also common for tourists who travel with a limited budget and want to get somewhere.

3. Work on the ship.
If the traveler does not have a seasickness and is ready for a long voyage, an excellent option will be to travel to the right country on a ferry or ship. There are special sites where owners are ready to take for free on the deck of the traveler and even provide it with food provided that it will be useful to the team.
 In most cases, travelers help in the kitchen or wash the decks. However, before the country of destination, they sail for free.

Where will free-of-charge stay overnight?

A large share of the budget traveler spends the night. Sometimes the prices even for the cheapest hostel reach several tens of euros. However, finding a free accommodation on the trip is easier than it really seems. The main thing is to take care of everything in advance.

1. CouchSurfing.
The most common way of all available is CouchSurfing. This is a site where travelers from all over the world are ready to receive each other for a couple of nights. It is important that it's all absolutely free. On security also do not worry. The community carefully monitors all and traveling and host parties. In addition, the site has reviews of all members of the community.

2. Housing in exchange for services.
The main advantage of this type of free lodging is the length of the period of residence. Very often foreigners, during their holidays, need a person who will look after the cat, monitor the safety of the house or, for example, help in the garden. In exchange for the rendered service, the traveler receives completely free accommodation.

3. Farming.
It is necessary to immediately warn that although this is an absolutely free way of living, the traveler will have to pay. But you will not have to pay money, but help on the farm.
Most farmers can not afford to hire permanent employees. Therefore, they are ready to shelter themselves on the farm for free (also provide a full meal), all ready to help travelers.
Work on the farm, as a rule, begins with the sunrise and ends before noon. After that, a person can be completely free. It is worth knowing in advance and the fact that, basically, working on a farm requires a lot of physical feedback. Here you have to dig in the ground and clean the paddocks. If a person does not disdain to do this - this option will be an excellent way to provide yourself with food and shelter.

4. Volunteering.
Absolutely free kind of travel. A charitable organization pays for everything. But, helping people (or animals) is real. If a person is not afraid of difficulties and he is worried about the fate of all life on this planet, which requires even the slightest help - this option will be the most remarkable of all available. The only nuance is the fact that everything must be done from the heart.

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As you can see, traveling inexpensively is not an impossible dream, but a real possibility. Everyone who is looking for this opportunity and is ready to make a little effort will be able to turn a dream into reality.
Sometimes you will have to work hard to achieve, but, as practice shows, it's worth it.