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 Last time we talking about  TIPS FOR TRAVELING WITH THE CHILD

In recent years, travelers around the world are becoming more and more. So, the services offered to them are becoming more diverse. The most important components of any journey are transport, food and a place to stay overnight. Let's talk about the overnight stay.

For those who have just started traveling or who have not been able to figure it out, here is a brief overview of the most common types of accommodation that you can book on the Internet.

B & B (Bed & Breakfast)

"Bed and Breakfast" From the title it becomes clear that no first-class service this type of housing does not involve. Usually, B & B is opened by enterprising owners in large apartments or private houses, where there are a common kitchen and a hall, and sleeping rooms are given to guests. Bedroom can be one, and maybe ten depends on the size of the house/apartment.

The atmosphere in the B & B is homely. Sometimes guests gather in the evenings in the hall by the TV, and in the morning the hostess or the host prepares breakfast in the kitchen.

The B & B also provides daily cleaning. The toilet is shared or, if the apartment is really big, each guest (couple) gets the keys to their personal. Just like the apartments, the B & B is a great opportunity to visit the old houses or live in a cozy villa. Be attentive - as the B & B does not have a check-in desk, and the check-in often takes place at certain times or by arrangement with the landlord.
A room in a B & B is usually smaller than a hotel.


A hostel is a hostel for travelers. It has a hall, a kitchen and many, many rooms, in which can accommodate from two to ten strangers. Since in this case the fee is taken for the bed, and not the room, the price usually attracts the traveling youth. The smaller the bed room, the more expensive the bed. Sometimes there is a double room, which is suitable for couples. The atmosphere in the hostel reigns cheerful. There are a kitchen and a coffee machine. The toilet is also shared. The cost of the bed in the hostel is very low.

Apartments (apartments, apartments)

You get the keys and become a temporary owner of the whole apartment in a normal residential building. Typically, for delivery are offered small studio apartments, where the kitchen is combined with a sleeping area. During your holiday, no one will bother you (but you'll have to cook breakfast yourself). Usually, the owners provide the tenants with everything necessary: pots, pans, kettle ... Especially generous owners leave even food.
The cost depends on the level of the apartment, maybe as cheap as B & B, and more expensive than the hotel.


A large complex (building or part of the building), with many rooms. The main difference between the hotel is the presence of the reception desk and the receptionist who gives you the room keys helps with settling in and answers the questions. Hotels are divided into categories: from one "star" to five. The room is cleaned every day. The toilet can be either in a room or shared in several rooms (usually in inexpensive 1-3 * hotels).

The more stars the hotel has, the higher the service. The most popular hotels all over the world are medium, three-star level. The hotel necessarily has a restaurant, where breakfasts are served, a common hall, a bar.
The range of services can vary greatly from the price category of the hotel.
The cost is on average higher than the B & B or hotel.


A complex resembling a hotel, but where behind each door are hidden not rooms, but mini-apartments, also with their own kitchen. Daily cleaning is carried out. Typically, this type of housing is preferred by business people who come for a long time, who want to combine the comfort of privacy and a set of basic services. The cost can be correlated with the cost of the hotel.

Of course, it is always worth considering that often the boundaries between types of housing "blurred" and under the sign of B & B can hide a full-fledged hotel. And in a typical hotel, you can suddenly discover in the room your own kitchen. Always read carefully the description of the accommodation and the list of services provided.

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We wish you a pleasant journey!