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Nuances during check-in and stay at the hotel

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When settling in and staying at the hotel there are many nuances about which not all tourists know. As a result, tourists face problems and misunderstandings. Therefore, in this article, we will try to consider all possible questions that may arise during your holiday.

Even if you bought a ticket to a travel agency and flew to rest with a tour operator, then all your problems in the hotel travel agency do not apply! The task of the travel agency is to sell you a package, arrange a flight, transfer, book a hotel and everything. But some special rested tourists believe that if the plane is bad, then this is not a complaint to the airline, but to the travel agency. And if the hotel has poor food or the room does not work air conditioning, then these problems should be solved by the travel agency. In general, the travel agency in these cases has nothing to do with it, and you have to solve all the issues at the hotel with the hotel staff.

Hotel staff
You might think that the hotel is organized simply, and the entire staff of the hotel - it's only one employee at the reception desk, but it's not. Let's move on to the description of the hotel staff.

Front Desk Clerks is a receptionist.

It is him you see behind the reception desk when you arrive at the hotel. You can always approach the receptionist to solve possible problems in the room, if you want to change the number or if you need a map of the city. And, of course, he also pays for living in your room.

In different countries and in hotels of different categories, the reception operates a certain number of hours. For example, in hotels of the average price range in Germany and the Czech Republic, you can often see a closed reception after 18 hours. In hotels 5 * usually has a 24-hour reception, and you can check in at any time.

In hotels, you can often find additional services that can be ordered at the reception: car rental, excursions, transfer. Please note that the hotel does not itself provide these services, but cooperates with firms that are not always good and not always at a bargain price, so be prepared to overpay.

The receptionist.

This employee greets you at the entrance to the hotel and helps you carry your baggage to the room. The receptionist also shows you the room, tells how the air conditioner, TV, refrigerator works.


This employee can be found only in expensive hotels. He understands all the needs of guests: for example, if you need a nanny, laundry or ironing, concert tickets, booking a table in a restaurant, feel free to contact him.

Room Service.

If the hotel has a restaurant, then it has a service of ordering food in the room. Such a service can be used by those guests who want to eat without leaving their room. It is enough to request service in the room in the restaurant, at the reception or by phone, without leaving the room.

Housekeeping - cleaning the hotel and rooms.

The duties of cleaners include cleaning the hall and rooms in the hotel, washing towels and bed linen, replacing toiletries.

Waiter / Waitress.

Most often, waiters can be found at the breakfast service at the hotel. However, in expensive hotels, they serve and dinners. Their duties include cleaning dirty dishes from tables and seating the guests on tables.

Kitchen Staff.

This includes cooks, dishwashers, chefs and another restaurant of the hotel kitchen.

Supervisor of Guest Services.

This employee is responsible for the recruitment of staff to the hotel: reception staff, cleaners, concierge. He monitors the work of all this staff and can be accessed if there are problems with this staff.

Event Planner.

Many hotels have conference rooms, ballrooms or other premises that they rent. With the organizer, you can coordinate their conduct, decoration of halls, music, etc.

Hotel Manager.

Responsible for everything that happens in the hotel.

Check in at the hotel and check out
In the world, there is certain rules and time of arrival at the hotel (check in). Often, the check-in is done no earlier than 11: 00-14: 00 local time. The exact time depends on the policy of the hotel. If you are not in peak season, and the hotel rooms are already ready, then you can settle at 7, 9 am. Know that the staff always strives to meet you, and, if the numbers are not ready, then they really are not. This does not apply to miserable hotels, where hotels are trying to get a couple of bucks for early settlement.

During check-in, you must show your reservation number or a voucher (if traveling from a tour operator). Also at the hotel, you will be asked for the original passport of one or all guests. Sometimes the hotel staff check the visa and also ask to fill in the guest card. In the guest card, you specify the name, surname, date of birth and country of residence. After that, you are given a key in the form of an analog key or a card. Then talk about the time of the breakfast. If the safe, TV and air conditioning are paid, then you can pay for everything when you settle. In fact, the settlement has passed.

Departure from the hotel (check out).
This is the time to which you must leave the room. If you do not release the room, then some hotels can automatically calculate a new day. Usually, departure is carried out until 11: 00-12: 00 local time. It happens that on vacation the flight from the resort in the evening, this means that you will have to be at Reception all this time. However, you can ask at Reception possibly to leave the room a couple of hours later, for example, at 14: 00-15: 00 (late departure). Again, if you are in a hotel not in high season, then the hotel staff will easily give you this opportunity.


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 Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. If you are in a hotel, it is better to store things in the safe.

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