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First time abroad. What does a novice need to know?

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You have in your hands - tickets for a plane to another country, and you have never flown or even left the territory of your native land? Feel the excitement? Calmly, you are not the first to fly abroad for the first time. We want to share the advice collected from all the familiar travelers that the newcomer should remember.

Baggage. Weight and quantity

Let's start with luggage. First of all, you need to find out what weight of hand luggage and baggage is allowed by your airline for transportation. You also need to know that there is a basic baggage that you take when you check-in at the airport, and hand luggage that you take with you to the salon (this does not apply to a budget ticket where only carry-on baggage is allowed).

The average weight of the main baggage varies from 20 kg per person, and hand luggage - about 5 kg (sometimes 7-10 kg, but it's better not to take risks). Some carriers allow you to carry only one bag/suitcase/backpack into your carry-on baggage. In this case, the camera on your neck is already considered to be the second item for which you will have to pay extra for transportation, even if in total the weight of two units is included in the established limit for hand luggage. Therefore, it is better to find out everything beforehand in order not to seek a way out of the difficult situation later.

Hand luggage. What is forbidden to take with you?

In hand luggage is not allowed to carry deodorants and other gas-forming substances in cans, gels, cosmetics (mascara, glitter, etc.), medications (if there is an urgent need for it, you need a prescription and an extract from the doctor). Do not carry any liquid of more than 100 ml. That is, water, perfume, and in some cases, and the cream can be asked to shift into the main luggage or even leave altogether. Therefore, it is better to immediately pack such things in a suitcase.

Also, in any case, you can not take in hand luggage manicure (and even more sewing) scissors, sharp nodules and in general all that can be used as a weapon. Well, by itself, it is forbidden to take compact folding knives and weapons.

By the way, if your keys are pretty sharp, it's best to immediately send them to your suitcase. There were cases when it was strongly recommended to hide the keys in the luggage. Think about this when you close your apartment or house. Particular attention to such subjects can arise at checking airports of those countries where the probability of terrorist attacks and attempts is increased. Their people check their people and their luggage especially carefully. It's worth considering.
Sometimes it is not allowed to take scotch and food film in hand luggage. Doubts can cause stand-alone chargers (power bank), stand-alone speakers. In In the main baggage, such an object will cause no less suspicion. Therefore, decide whether this is exactly what you need in another country or whether you will have enough headphones.

Hand luggage. What is recommended to take

If you fly abroad for the first time, then you take with you the money, passport, phone, possibly a camera and a laptop. All these costs to be packed in hand luggage,  no one is responsible for the perfect safety and "unbreakable" of your belongings in the luggage compartment of the aircraft (and at the airport too). 

Everyone knows, while you are waiting for your final destination, you can "meet" scammers and pickpockets. Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. If you are in a hotel, it is better to store things in the safe.

Keep documents better in a separate bag.  We present you Travel Wallet for Women-Passport holder-Lightweight Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Nylon Neck Pouch-Gift (Purple). The bag is made of waterproof fabric and  It is not large. It is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder or neck. And best of all to wear it under clothing, then no one would guess about its existence, and your documents will always be under your supervision. Handle length is adjustable, so you can make your own pick out the size you want. Bag with zipper and Velcro. It fits several passports and documents and a few cards (there are specially designed pockets), money, phone, and headphones, flashes drive keys (for which there is a special lock). There is also a pocket for identity cards. The most valuable things will be next to you. and you can not worry about what documents and valuables stole. A bag is not only remarkably protects your documents but is perfect for any girl or woman. Pink, still more colorful.

Also, if you take with you some fragile items (but oversized), it's better to carry them in your carry-on baggage. Including jewelry, valuable items, medical certificates, and extracts.

If your trip is business, important and valuable, of course, it is also recommended to pack in hand luggage.

Even if you are on vacation, you must have vouchers for the transfer to the hotel and settlement in the hotel. They must be taken with them, so as not to search in luggage.

Also, if the flight is long (from two hours), then it is worth taking with you a few products to satisfy hunger (you can buy something and after passing the control). It is desirable that your supplies do not have a too bright smell - next to you will sit people, and the windows in the plane do not open. And it is better to dwell on the snacks you have checked, which will satisfy hunger but will not lead to problems with digestion.

Separately it is necessary to tell about accumulators for cameras. Experience says that you can both in hand luggage and in checked luggage.

Also, for convenience, especially if you fly at night, the inflatable pillow will not hurt. This is a great way to sleep alone, and not fall asleep on the shoulder of an unfamiliar neighborhood.

There are cases (more often when these are flights with transfers) when the main baggage is lost or late for your flight. Do not worry, they will find him in a day or two, and he will come to you. But that this does not become a catastrophe for you and does not spoil the first days of your stay in the new country, take the most necessary things with you into your carry-on baggage. It can be glasses, a hat, a swimsuit (if you go to the sea). Or a clean shirt and a sweater, if it's a business trip. Many places will not take such things, but you will be calm.