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Some tips for traveling alone

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More and more people around the world prefer to travel without satellites. Many are so calmer and more comfortable. You can do whatever you want, you can go where you want. No need to adjust to the group, schedule or whims of satellites. Here are a few recommendations for people who like to travel alone (and, in general, all travelers). They will help make your trip better, more interesting and safer.
travel alone

1. Plan ahead.
Improvisation is good, but something needs to be planned well in advance. It is not necessary to draw up a detailed minute plan, but it is better to take care of the place for an overnight stay. Book a room at least for the first night before departure. You can do this on such sites as Booking or AirBnB.

2. Travel light.
Do not take a huge baggage - expect to manage it yourself. One bag, a backpack or a small suitcase is enough for a couple of weeks. Experience suggests - it is easier to buy one missing item on-site than to carry ten "just in case".

3. Plan your arrival in the daytime.
Traveling, it is better to arrive in an unfamiliar city during the day, so as not to get lost later in the dark. In addition, when arriving in the evening, often after the road, the strength is enough only to get to bed, snack and go to bed. The ideal option can be night travel - thus saving both time and money on spending the night.

4. Communicate with other tourists.
Yes, we actually travel alone, but this does not necessarily mean misanthropic loneliness throughout the trip. A little communication with like-minded people will not hurt. Go to the hotel's lounge, chat with other travelers in the hotel restaurant, have fun, exchange experiences.

5. Communicate with the locals.
Of course, you can and should get maps (and even free of charge, for example, at airports or information points for tourists), guidebooks and posters, identify places to visit and go everywhere yourself. But to study the culture of the country there is nothing better than communicating with the local. If you just feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar people, you can use the resource Meetup.com, or announce events in local Facebook groups where you can select a scheduled event and merge with its members.

6. Study people.
Watch people around, pay attention to what they do and how. Sit longer in a street cafe or on a bench in the park - so you can understand how to use public transport here, how to catch a taxi, how to pay the bill and much more.

7. Try to be open.
Learn to talk with strangers. Just smile and politely ask what interests you. If you were answered willingly, do not hesitate to ask clarifying questions.

8. Go out to have fun.
You leave in the evenings. Going to bars, theaters and to concerts is not necessarily with someone.

9. Do not be afraid to eat alone.
Enjoy a thoughtful meal alone. If this seems too boring for you, go to institutions where you can eat at the counter, and ask the locals for help in choosing a meal to start a conversation.

10. Apply for courses.
Stuck somewhere for a long time? Do not sit idle: choose any language or cooking classes, meet fellow students and go together to drink coffee or to the park for a break. Lack of communication will not be.

11. Go to organized tours.
From a week-long trip, it is quite possible to give a day or two to a local organized tour. Going as a social experiment. Tours from travel agencies have their advantages. Firstly, you will have a company, secondly, it's nice to relax sometimes, while someone does everything for you.

12. Always keep important notes with you.
When you leave in the morning, always check if you have a hostel/hotel card with an address in the local language, a passport and a phone number that you can call if something happens to you. The charged battery in the phone and the card will also help.

13. Keep the most valuable things in one place.
Let the passport, purse/wallet, phone and other most valuable and necessary things lie together so that you can always quickly check whether they are all right.

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14. Do not forget about your photo.
The beauty of nature and architecture is great, but one should not forget about oneself. Of course, when traveling alone, there is no one to photograph, but you can always ask passers-by on the street. Be wary of scammers - the best for the role of photographers will suit other tourists, respectable couples and groups of colleagues. And of course selfie.

15. Buy a local operator's SIM card.
Since all relatives and friends stayed at home, maybe you will call them more often and talk longer. Buy a local sim card - mobile communication in roaming costs a lot.
Travel with pleasure!