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At the moment, the transfer by train is inferior to the flights on the plane. Increased comfort in the cabin of the aircraft and a fast arrival time to the destination captivates. But still, some people find reasons to travel only on trains. For example, those who are very afraid of heights.
Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling on trains. Go :)

Positive moments:

- Low ticket price. Agree, traveling by train is much cheaper than on airplanes or even on buses. And students, in general, can travel for half the cost.

- A large and convenient network of routes. Not all cities have airports, but there are railway stations and platforms even in villages. There are many hub stations where you can easily change to the right direction.
You save time and energy if you travel by night express. It is very convenient to take a train in the evening, and in the morning on arrival immediately go to explore the sights of the city, because you already slept on the train.

- Trains are late less often than planes.

- More space in the car. You can lie down, walk around the car, sit, maybe even do yoga :)

- Most of the stations are located in the city center. Thus, you save time and money on a transfer from the airport.

- Not tight bandwidth control. At the entrance to the car you just need to show your passport to the conductor, and you can take your place, you do not have to undergo a screening procedure like at the airport.

- You can take food and drinks with you in unlimited quantities.

- Large weight of baggage allowable for free transportation. In the car, you can always take with you up to 50 kg of hand luggage.

- And of course, romance in the train :) Tea in the branded cup holder, the scenery outside the window and the peaceful noise of the wheels make the trip more emotional.


- A long time on the road. Some cities have to travel about a day.

- A condition of wagons. Unfortunately, we do not always see cleanliness and order in the car. And the guide is not in a hurry to eliminate the obvious breakdowns that interfere with a comfortable journey.

- Few personal space. If you are traveling on the lower shelf, be prepared for the neighbors on the top to sit on your shelf. And if you're traveling on the top shelf, you'll just have to lie down when the neighbor is laying down his mattress from below.

- In a reserved seat be prepared for constant noise and all kinds of smells, and in the summertime - also to heat.

The choice of transport depends on many factors, so always weigh all the pros and cons, correlate price and quality. Perhaps the best option for you will be to combine the trip by train and flight.


Everyone knows, while you are waiting for your final destination, you can "meet" scammers and pickpockets. Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. If you are in a hotel, it is better to store things in the safe.

Keep documents better in a separate bag.  We present you Travel Wallet for Women-Passport holder-Lightweight Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Nylon Neck Pouch-Gift (Purple). The bag is made of waterproof fabric and  It is not large. It is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder or neck. And best of all to wear it under clothing, then no one would guess about its existence, and your documents will always be under your supervision. Handle length is adjustable, so you can make your own pick out the size you want. Bag with zipper and Velcro. It fits several passports and documents and a few cards (there are specially designed pockets), money, phone, and headphones, flashes drive keys (for which there is a special lock). There is also a pocket for identity cards. The most valuable things will be next to you. and you can not worry about what documents and valuables stole. A bag is not only remarkably protects your documents but is perfect for any girl or woman. Pink, still more colorful.