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Laws that are most often violated by tourists abroad

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Going on vacation, it is useful to learn the customs of the visited country. In some countries, there are unusual bans, not knowing about which you can spend thousands of dollars to pay fines and get a lot of unpleasant memories.

- From Egypt, it is forbidden to export corals, sea shells, sea urchins - a fine of $ 1000.

- Smoking is prohibited in public places in some countries. The highest fines for smoking in Ireland (3000 €) and in the UK (2500 €). Also for smoking in public places the traveler faces a fine in Finland, Sweden, India, Germany, Japan, Greece, France and the USA.

- In Greece, it is forbidden to walk on heels near the Acropolis of Athens, so as not to destroy monuments of architecture.

- There are a lot of pigeons in Venice, and they cause significant damage to monuments of architecture. To reduce the number of pigeons, the Italians issued a law prohibiting the feeding of pigeons on the streets of Venice.

- In Singapore, you can not chew chewing gum, spit on the streets and feed birds in public places. All these laws were invented for keeping cleanliness in the streets of the city.

- In Thailand, you can not throw garbage and cigarette butts on the street. The local police have repeatedly delayed tourists.

- Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the UAE. In Sharjah, you can get a huge penalty for this offense. It is also possible to easily earn a fine if in Ramadan (the month of the Muslim fast) have a snack in a public place or even drink juice. The penalty is approximately $ 275. Once for such an offense, British tourists were detained in jail for three weeks.

- In Europe, fines for improper parking, speeding, and non-payment of travel on toll roads are very common. In Denmark and Belgium and other countries, you can not drive a car with lights off. For improper parking, you can get a fine of 40-80 €. And for exceeding the speed limit by 60 km / h. in France the fine can be 1500 €. If you do not pay the penalty on time, then the amount of the penalty is significantly increased.

Legislation in many countries provides for criminal liability for theft from the hotel, even if the theft was of small size. From rooms, it is allowed to take soap, gels and shower caps, shampoo, small sewing sets and disposable slippers.

- The US has very strict laws on copyright protection. A tourist can be punished on the border for having unlicensed programs, music or movies on his phone, laptop or tablet.

- In Spain, you can not drive a car in slippers.

- In Thailand, you can not drive a motorcycle without a shirt. You can not step on the bills, as the monarch is depicted on the bill.
"You can not pee in the sea in Portugal." It remains a mystery how the authorities monitor the implementation of this law.

- In Barcelona, you can not spit on the street, for this is fine.

- In France and Italy, you can not wear clothes, shoes, handbags, and glasses of fake brands. The police can stop on the street and demand to show the purse in order to make sure of its authenticity.

- In France, you can not kiss at the station. This law has been in effect since 1910 when farewells at railway stations were strongly delayed by trains.

- In Canada, in 1985, a law was passed that it is possible to pay for small items only if its quantity does not exceed "reasonable amount". In Germany, you can not categorically stop on the autobahn. Even if the gasoline is gone. The fine, in this case, is about 100 €.

Here such unusual laws can spoil your rest and "rob" for a rather large sum.  Everyone knows that often on a journey you can face theft. Or on own carelessness, it is possible to find out the loss of documents or money.  Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. If you are in a hotel, it is better to store things in the safe.

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