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Traveling with pets : important details

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Let's be frank, trips with pets are connected with a lot of questions. Especially if this is the first time. You need to know the answers to the logical questions: "Will the Chihuahuas be allowed into the airshow?", "How much will transportation cost the parrot?", "What documents should be prepared?", "Do I need to arrive at the plane in advance?"

Now we will consider the most urgent issues for pet owners.

- What animals can travel in the cabin with the owners?
First of all, of course, the most common pets - dogs, cats, canaries. But in airplanes, you can also find ferrets, meerkats, decorative hedgehogs, mini rabbits.

- Will the animal travel in the cabin or in the luggage compartment?
Each company will set its own terms, but there is still a common denominator for many.

What will it take for your pet to travel with you:

- Container or cage. She should not weigh more than 8 kg with the animal;
- The most common types of pets are more likely to get into the salon than the exotic ones;
- Latitude, height, the length of the cage in the folded form should not exceed 115 cm;
- At the bottom of the transport, it is necessary to put an absorbent material that is harmless to humans and animals, the container itself must be moisture-permeable;

There is a principle: for every traveler, there is one animal;
Other animals will travel in luggage. Although compliance with these requirements is also not a guarantee. Some airlines are adamant-animals should only be in luggage.

- Documents for the transport of a pet:
Before you pay for a ticket, specify the conditions for transportation of your pets not only in the country of arrival but also in transit points that will have their own nuances. Representations of these countries will help you in this.

Check if the following documents were taken with you:

- Veterinary passport. All dates of vaccination must be included in the passport, necessarily from rabies.

- Veterinary certificate No. 1, received at the station for the control of animal diseases five days before the journey. The document should fix all destinations, including our country, far or near abroad.

- Certificate of the Customs Union, while traveling through the countries of the Union and from cities that are not members of the European Union. This document is also received at the station to combat animal diseases. The expiry date is the same as for veterinary certificate No. 1.

After passing through the control at the airport and performing formalities, in your veterinary passport, your pet should be sealed and issued a boarding pass that you will be asked to show at the check-in counter.

Once again we recall that each country has its own rules for transporting animals and the responsibility for their observance lies with the owner of the animal. Including in transit countries and, of course, during the flight.

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