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4 myths about travel and leisure

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You are going to go abroad to spend your vacation. In the search for hotels and destinations, they are faced with numerous tips that should help you. Some of these tips are really useful and teach you how to be organized and attentive. But there are some tips that have evolved into myths over time.

Curious to know them?

4 myths about travel and leisure

1. If you want to visit the landmark, you need to come early.

It is true that many major tourist attractions have a program for their visits. And because they are of great importance, they are always crowded with tourists who want to visit them. Therefore, the myth that you should visit the landmark as early as possible is false.

Ideally, it would be intuitive to understand the time of day when most tourists are engaged in other affairs. For example, during lunch, when most of the people take food. At this time, most likely, you do not have to stand in line for a long time to visit a historical monument, cathedral or museum.

2. You must book tickets in advance.

There are situations in which it is necessary to book tickets in advance in order to save money and make sure that your place will not be occupied. For example, before Christmas, it is better to book tickets for 1-2 months. But you must not always believe in this myth. There are many flights to known destinations, where cheap tickets can be purchased even a few days before departure.

For example, the cheapest flights for flights can be found on flights in the middle of the week, or on night flights. Avoid buying tickets on weekends and holidays.

3. Local people give the best advice on accommodation.

How many times have you rented a room in a hotel in the city where you live? Probably not very often. And this means that you are not competent where the bad and good conditions. In the same situation, there are also most foreigners, so do not try to rely on their advice when it comes to accommodation in a hotel.

4. Duty-free shops have low prices.

Do you think you can buy luxury perfume or watches at a lower price in a duty-free shop, in (duty-free)? Ask in advance about the prices of these goods in other stores. Often you only get the impression that they cost less money in duty-free shops.


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