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How to choose the right hotel?

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One of the most important components of a good holiday is the right hotel choice.
Choosing the right hotel is the key to a good holiday. We often do not attach special importance to this parameter, but it is problems and inconveniences during the stay in the hotel that can spoil the whole rest. We offer several criteria, according to which tourists should choose hotels.

- Waiting from the hotel

First of all, you must determine what you expect from the hotel. Room, service, food, entertainment, additional services - all this affects the travel experience.

Especially scrupulous, you must treat the choice of the hotel, if you are traveling with children. Check in advance if there is an animation program for children, amusement parks, babysitting services at the selected hotel.

If you go on a sightseeing tour, then pay attention to the location of the hotel. How fast can you get from there to all the main attractions? In this case, the level and category of the hotel will not matter much - in fact, most likely you will only come there to spend the night.

It is useful to know the features of hotels in the country where you are going. Beach vacation in Spain or in Italy, for example, does not involve staying at the hotel all the time, so they do not have animation or a variety of additional services.

- Resort

When choosing a resort, you should ask whether a place is a good option for a youth holiday or is designed for people aged? There prefer to settle their families or independently traveling tourists? Also, it is worth considering, tourists come here for a beach holiday or more for health improvement. It is not superfluous to find out what infrastructure in the resort and how much can cost breakfast/lunch/dinner in local cafes and restaurants.

- Cost of living

When planning a holiday, you need to calculate how much you are willing to spend on housing. Sometimes the difference between 2 * and 3 * hotels is small, but the level of prices for additional services in 3 * will be higher. There is a rule - the more stars, the better, but try to choose a hotel to read the description and reviews.

- Classification of the hotel

For today in the world, there are more than 30 different classifications of hotels. Systems of stars, letters, crowns, and others are widespread. The most popular is the "star" classification system. Stars indicate the level of comfort and service in the hotel. The more stars, the better the hotel. This is a general rule for everyone.

* One star means that in the hotel all rooms are the same type, with an area of no more than 8-10 square meters. m. Facilities are on the floor: bathroom and toilet are common for several rooms, TV in the hall. The list of services of a one-star hotel does not include meals.

** Two stars say that in these hotels there are several types of rooms. As a rule, you will be offered breakfast. In the room, there will be a toilet and a bath or a shower.

*** Three stars guarantee the availability in the room area of 10-12 square meters. meters of TV, telephone, and mini-bar (or refrigerator). As a rule, in such a hotel there must be at least two facilities that provide additional services: a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, a massage parlor, a hairdresser, a business center or a conference hall. The room will necessarily have a full bathroom, where you will find shampoo, soap and shower gel.

**** Four stars indicate that the level of comfort and service in such a hotel is much higher than average. The hotel will have a 24-hour bar and/or a restaurant. At your service laundry, currency exchange, business center, it is mandatory to have a fitness center with a sauna and a swimming pool. In addition to the TV, telephone, and minibar, the room will have a safe, air conditioning and hairdryer. The area of the room is, as a rule, no less than 13 square meters. 

***** Five stars designate a luxury hotel. Service here at the highest level. You will certainly meet the doorman, and your luggage will be taken care of by the porter. Room service in such hotels is round the clock, at will, you will be served breakfast or a late dinner in the room. In addition to the standard set of services, you will also be provided with exclusive services. The size of the room is not less than 16 square meters. 

It should be noted that the indicated level of comfort may differ in different countries of the world. In addition, there are a lot of classifications for hotels in different countries:

- Greece - letter designations, where D is equal to 5 *, A - 4 *, B - to 3 *, C - 2 *.
- Great Britain - star classification. Even in the hotel 1 * there are all conditions for a normal holiday without special luxury. For private categories of housing are introduced their designations, for example, "family" hotel - "diamonds", apartments - "keys".
- In France, a stellar classification is adopted. However, here you will not find a 5 * hotel, such hotels are equated on a set of services to 4L (L-luxe). 2-3 * hotels take tourists who are looking for outdoor activities. Living conditions in them are good.
- Italy - almost the same as in France, basically there are no hotels 5 * except at elite luxury resorts and in big cities. Hotels 4L are not equated to 5 *. These are all the same 4 *, but with a large set of services.
- Turkey has a star classification. However, the quality of comfort in hotels of the lowest category leaves much to be desired. For example, the agency does not even offer 2 * hotels. Most entertainment and additional services in 3 * -5 * hotels are included in the price.
- Malaysia is a star classification, but the level of service is much higher. For example, the hotel 4 * can be boldly equated with a European hotel 5 *.
We must not forget that the range of services in hotels of the same category varies from country to country. If you are accustomed to the spacious rooms of Egypt or Turkey, you will not see this in a European hotel of the same category.

- Supply system

BB - breakfast, HB - half board (meals 2 times a day), FB - full board (3 times a day) and the system "All inclusive". If you have chosen a hotel in Europe, then, as a rule, you will be offered a system of BB, HB or FB. In cities there are cafes and restaurants that offer cuisine for every taste and cost, so the choice of the food system is up to you.

If you have a rest at the southern resorts, then be prepared for the popular All Inclusive system. This system is widely spread in the resorts of Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and a number of other countries.

- Reviews of tourists

Often it is the feedback of tourists that become the decisive factor when choosing a hotel. However, carefully study the information. Do not rely on reviews a year ago and short comments. Pay attention to informative feedback, where hotel guests describe what they particularly liked or did not like. This information will be most useful and will help to make a reliable impression of the hotel.

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