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How to determine the reliability of a company tour?

Last time we talking aboutHow to choose the right hotel?

Where would you begin the preparation for the journey? From choosing a destination, getting acquainted with the weather forecast, collecting a suitcase? All these actions are really needed, but not in the first place. But first, you have to check the reliability of the tour operator, with which you will set off. For experienced tourists, this advice may seem banal, because they do not travel for the first time, and they had time to study the tourist market. If you have friends who were with the country you were going to visit, do not forget to ask them about a reliable tour operator. They will certainly give useful advice.
And everyone else is advised to think about choosing a travel agency as soon as possible. Especially for those who are planning no extreme adventures, but a pleasant stay for their pleasure. To this pleasure was not spoiled even at the very beginning of the holiday, take the trouble to really check the reliability of the tour operator. How? To this end, we have prepared a material in which practical recommendations on choosing a tour operator and objective feedback are concentrated.

Travelers who prefer ready-made tours know the names of trustworthy tour operators. It's never too late to get this information yourself, choosing a tour operator at your discretion. And in order not to make a mistake in choosing, be guided by the main features of a reliable tour operator:

- Experience. Ask how long the operator exists on the market. This information will reveal two aspects to you at once: the stability of the company and the amount of experience it has accumulated. Choose a tour operator, which has been working for several years. A young tour operator does not mean unreliable. But there is a possibility that he has not yet perfectly worked out the interaction with hotels, airlines and other tour operators abroad. Therefore, choosing an older operator with more "work experience" will rather protect you from possible confusion, errors, and overlays.

- Site. The site of a good tour operator is both his face and working tool. In addition, it should be convenient and functional for both staff and customers. Therefore, in addition to the fact that the site simply must be, carefully consider its type, quality, content. A reliable tour operator cannot be limited to a business card site consisting of a pair of pages with bright pictures. Trustworthy enterprises publish on their websites a detailed description of their services, information about countries, hotels and airlines, as well as tools for independent search and selection of tours according to the parameters you need.

- Customer feedback. This is a very subtle and important point. Firstly, the website of the tour operator should provide for the possibility of commenting, with the help of which customers can leave their feedback. Secondly, an unscrupulous company does not cost anything to counterfeit reviews and/or remove unwanted comments. Therefore, analyze the reviews carefully. Tourist planner should put mental advantages:

- allows you to leave not only laudatory reviews;
- Responds to comments from visitors;
- Has a feedback / quick response system on the site.

 But even so, be sure to read the reviews on neutral forums, sites and in communities that do not belong to a particular tour operator.

- Work organization. It is here, first of all, about working with your documents. Before you make a payment, find out when you receive the package of documents on hand. If this happens immediately right in the office of the company - excellent. If you are promised to transfer documents at the airport/railway station before boarding - turn around and leave. The only thing that can be received later than other documents is a visa, which requires more time for registration. But the signed contract with the seal, tickets, confirmation of the hotel reservation and the ticket itself the buyers take immediately.
As for the documents of the company itself, you have the right to see the license (with the current validity period) and other permissive papers (Certificate of Conformity and Registration Certificate). Very well, if the tour operator is officially accredited in the embassy of a foreign state.

- Specialization. The wide specialization of the tour operator (a large selection of countries for travel) is both good and bad. On the one hand, only a firmly standing operator can afford to plan, create and sell a variety of tours. On the other hand, a narrow specialization (working with just a few countries in one part of the world) presupposes a better knowledge of a particular direction. A highly specialized tour operator has a better chance of working with local hotels, carriers, guides and related organizations.


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