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How to check the ticket reservation?

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Everyone who deals with modern technologies will agree that they make life much easier and simplify many processes. Shopping, communication, travel are much faster and do not force you to waste time and energy in the queues. But even those people who are boldly using technology sometimes have doubts about the reliability of electronic systems. After all, although they exclude the errors of the so-called "human factor", they make mistakes due to computer failures, a shutdown of the operating system or banal device failure. And the only way to guarantee your own peace of mind is to clarify all the data once again.

A computer crash that occurs when you pay for a purchase in an online store or refill a mobile phone account threatens with a bit of chagrin, possibly by losing a certain amount of money. But if technical problems have touched on more serious processes, such as, for example, ordering an electronic ticket for an airplane, they are fraught with big troubles. And the convenience and time savings can result in loss of money, nerves, and tardiness. Especially if the system of flights and transplants between them was calculated by you to the smallest detail. In order to avoid such problems, let's find out in advance how to check the ticket reservation before arriving at the airport for registration.

Features of e-ticket booking

An electronic ticket, or a ticket for any other type of transport, is a modern alternative to traditional paper forms, which allows you to save material and time resources, which fully meets the requirements of today's daily routine. All over the world, electronic tickets, or e-tickets, are successfully used by both carrier companies and buyers-passengers. The first provides an opportunity to choose, order and pay for a trip through the Internet with the help of a special electronic system, while the latter will take advantage of this opportunity, receiving in return certain bonuses.

So, often owners of electronic air tickets have an advantage over other passengers in the queue for check-in for a flight, enjoy discounts on the cost and other pleasant services at the request of the carrier. But the main thing is that they are spared the need to store paper tickets, they are not afraid to lose them or forget them at home. Upon arrival at the airport, it is sufficient to show the identity card (usually a passport) to the airline employee who will immediately check your data with the information base and give you a printed route ticket for your electronic ticket.

Some carriers require passengers to independently print and/or present an electronic ticket on the screen of a computer or mobile phone. In this case, the confirmation of booking the ticket after payment will come to your e-mail. You will only need to send the received document to the printer and take it with you to the airport. Sometimes it is enough to open a confirmation letter on the screen of a smartphone or laptop and show it at the front desk. Simply put, an e-ticket is your protection against the loss and damage to the landing document. And most travelers have already had time to evaluate its advantages. But even the most valuable medal has a downside.

Checking the ticket reservation

In the case of e-tickets, this back side of the medal is sometimes caused by technical problems in the reservation system, which cannot pay the ticket, the confirmation does not come to the buyer or appears incorrectly. In addition, many passengers doubt the integrity of the sellers, especially if they make a purchase through intermediaries, and not directly in the airline. For all these cases, there are two main reliable ways to check whether everything is in order with your air ticket:

- Through the airline. Call the help desk or the customer service department. Name the number of your booking and/or the ticket number indicated in the booking confirmation text. Even if you bought a ticket through an agency, and not directly from an airline, information about it should be stored in the carrier's information database. If this information is not found there, immediately consult with the company employs about what you should do to get your travel document or return money for it.

Some airlines provide an opportunity to check the existence of the current booking on their website. To do this, you also need to specify the ticket number from the electronic route receipt. In most cases, this is enough to make sure the availability and validity of the ticket reservation. Technical failures in large systems are rare and most passengers do not face difficulties in purchasing and using electronic tickets.

Through the Internet, that is, using third-party resources that are not directly related to specific carriers, you can check the reservation at any time. And all because in the world there are only 4 systems for booking air tickets (abbreviated GDS): Amadeus, Galileo, Saber, and Sirena-Travel. You need to go to the site through which the reservation was made. If everything is in order, the ticket is paid for and issued in your name, then the site will show you the electronic receipt. It contains information about the route, the date and time of departure and arrival, the name of the carrier and the data of the passenger.

Be careful when entering personal data: if the system requires a reservation number for GDS, then you must enter it, rather than the indicator of the airline or intermediary agency. Otherwise, your reservation will not be found in the general database and you will have to re-check its existence.


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