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Air Force Majeure

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Agree, it is better to be prepared for any unpleasant situation. This is especially true for those who travel by air, and is a "hostage" of meteorological and other negative "factors of influence."

Delays, cancellations, and delays in flights, overbooking, damage, and loss of baggage are the most common situations that irritate travelers. What to do? Where to run? To whom to address? It's pretty simple.


This is the most common type of force majeure, which can make adjustments to the plans of travelers. From half an hour to a couple of dozen hours. However, whatever the duration and reason for the delay - (technical, meteorological or socio-political) - the airline is obliged to provide a certain set of services. Of course, it's free. This includes communication (two phone calls to anywhere in the world and 2 emails) and food/drinks during the period of forced waiting. The situation with food is as follows. The time of arrival of your breakfast/lunch/dinner is regulated and depends on the distance of the delayed flight. So, passengers of short flights (up to 1500 km) begin to feed after 2 hours, if the range is medium (from 1500 to 3500 km) - at least after 3, and for passengers of long-haul flights (more than 3500 km), food arrives in 4 hours.

 If the flight is delayed more than 5 hours or is postponed the next day, the airline's obligations are added to the accommodation of passengers in the hotel and provision of a transfer to the hotel and back to the airport.

Naturally, for so long you can not wait. If you need to get to the destination by a certain time, feel free to contact the airline representative with the request:
 a) you are to be rebranded, i.e. offer an alternative route, or
b) return the cost of the unused portion of the ticket. The second option assumes that you are getting yourself further.


There are two classes of cancellations - due to force majeure circumstances and for commercial reasons. The first class (closure of airspace, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, strikes, threats of terrorist attacks, etc.) involves providing passengers with a canceled flight with the same list of services as with a prolonged delay. And also their delivery to the destination by an alternative route or refund of money for the ticket. In case the flight was canceled by the carrier, the passenger can also rely on compensation, among other things. The amount depends on the distance of the flight.

Avoid the payment of compensation the airline can, in advance notifying the passengers of the cancellation. So, if you were told about cancellation more than 2 weeks before departure, you will not get money for the inconvenience, but you can safely choose an alternative route or hand over a ticket. Informing during the period from 8 to 13 days imposes on the carrier the obligation to re-arrange the passengers in such a way that the departure from point A and arriving at point B took place within 2 and 4 hours from those indicated in the ticket. Cancellation of the flight for commercial reasons less than 7 days before the proposed departure puts the operator in a rather strict framework: all passengers must fly and reach the destination by alternative flights within 60 and 120 minutes, respectively. It is not surprising that airlines do everything possible to notify customers in advance of any changes in the schedule and constantly remind passengers of the need to indicate the actual contacts when buying a ticket.

Late arrival of passengers

This is the headache of transfer passengers. First of all, it is necessary to decide who is to blame. You? How long did you drink coffee? Have taken a great interest in shopping in Duty-Free? Lost in an unfamiliar airport? Mixed the gate? We will have to solve our own problems - to find an airline representative, make changes to the ticket (with or without a fare, depending on the tariff) or purchase a new ticket right at the airport, paying a tidy sum for it. You know about the principle of "the closer to the flight, the more expensive?".

 If your fault is not late: the airline for some reason delayed your previous flight, which entailed delay on the docking, then the carrier will have to solve the problem. Usually, the ticket is rewritten for the next flight or rerouting is performed. It all depends on the schedule and availability of seats. And everything is absolutely free. But only in the event that the ticket is issued by a single booking for the entire itinerary. If in pursuit of the lowest cost, the traveler docked the flights of different carriers "manually" and has several separate tickets - one for each segment of the journey - it's bad. The passenger himself is to blame.


Or the excess of armor. This means that there were fewer seats on the plane than tickets sold for this flight. Accordingly, one of the passengers will have to stay. This type of force majeure happens, as a rule, in the high season - the demand is huge, all tickets are bought up, but there is always the possibility that one of the passengers will not be on the flight. Overbooking is a kind of insurance that international booking systems automatically provide to all carriers. Themselves, airlines in every way try to minimize the number of resale tickets because every "extra" passenger will have to be comforted, groomed and cherished.

"Immunity" from overbooking has business class passengers, elderly people, and passengers with special needs, families with children and unaccompanied children, as well as travelers who register for the flight online in advance.

Damage to luggage

Indeed, the leaders of many airports cannot be blamed for excessive care for the integrity of passengers' luggage. Therefore, it may happen that the favorite suitcase will come shabby, stained, without a wheel or handle, or open. If this happens, immediately run to the Lost & Found office and write an act of improper baggage delivery. It is necessary to do this in the control zone of the airport. Then it's useless. And remember that the act is not the basis for payment of compensation. To receive money, write to the airline application with a claim for compensation, attaching to it an act, landing, baggage tag, a check for repairs or a conclusion that the damaged suitcase is not subject to repair.
 Tip: Even if at first glance it seems to you that the bag is not damaged and not opened, open it right next to the luggage tape and check the contents. It is better to be safe.

 Everyone knows that often on a journey you can face theft. Or on own carelessness, it is possible to find out the loss of documents or money.  Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. 

Keep documents better in a separate bag.  We present you Travel Wallet for Women-Passport holder-Lightweight Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Nylon Neck Pouch-Gift (Purple). The bag is made of waterproof fabric. It is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder or neck. And best of all to wear it under clothing, then no one would guess about its existence, and your documents will always be under your supervision. Handle length is adjustable, so you can make your own pick out the size you want. Bag with zipper and Velcro. It fits several passports and documents and a few cards (there are specially designed pockets), money, phone, and headphones, flashes drive keys (for which there is a special lock). There is also a pocket for identity cards. The most valuable things will be next to you. and you can not worry about what documents and valuables stole. A bag is not only remarkably protects your documents but is perfect for any girl or woman. Pink, still more colorful.