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10 myths and facts about air travel

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Is it really safest to travel on airplanes? Why do some sides not have the 13th row? And do pilots fly over the Bermuda Triangle? Presenting to your attention myths and facts about air travel.

1. The pilot and the second pilot are not allowed to eat the same dishes


Fact. In fact, this is not an official rule, but many airlines do not recommend crew members to eat the same food. This approach avoids a situation in which both pilots are "out of order" with food poisoning. Some carriers follow a different rule and allow pilots to have the same thing, but at different times.


2. Air conditioning systems in airplanes distribute microbes throughout the cabin


Myth. Air conditioning systems in aircraft have to do hard work. Due to extreme environmental conditions, they must regulate not only the temperature on board but also the pressure and humidity of the air. Highly specialized air filters also collect bacteria, viruses and dust from the air, and even individual particles from the clothing of smokers. But they do not exactly spread germs around the salon. Filters installed in airplanes are so effective that the air on board is actually cleaner than what we breathe in most shopping centers.


3. Planes do not have the 13th row of seats


Fact. Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and many other carriers from countries where 13 is considered an unsuccessful number, abandoned the thirteenth series. This is due to the fact that many passengers really do not like these places.

4. Pilots do not fly over the Bermuda Triangle


Myth. The Bermuda Triangle is a large region in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea. He became famous after stories of how many ships and planes simply "disappeared" here under mysterious circumstances. Explanations of the phenomenon were put forward the most diverse, up to the intervention of aliens. Despite all the prejudices, planes fly right above the Bermuda Triangle.


5. Tomato juice on board is more delicious


Fact. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in 2010 found that the taste of tomato juice in the sky is perceived differently than on earth. It seems sweeter and much more like a tomato. This is due to the lower air pressure in the airplane, which affects our sense of taste. Note that tomato juice is the most popular beverage after water.

6. Flights from west to east allow you to move faster.


Fact. This is due to a phenomenon known as "jet streams". These are very strong high-altitude winds that approach our planet at a speed of 200 to 500 km / h. The earth rotates from west to east, so when the plane moves in the same direction, the wind is good. In the opposite direction, the jet streams slow down the speed of the aircraft.


7. Flights from east to west less affect the disturbance of daily biorhythm


Fact. When traveling eastward, the day becomes shorter, so we lose time. In this case, the internal clock of our body must be reset for tuning, which causes a malfunction of the daily biorhythm. Journey to the west for the body is easier. In this case, we get an extra "time", and the clock of our body just needs to slow down a little. How well a person copes with the time lag for several hours depends on which chronotype he refers to.


8. During a 3-hour flight, the body loses up to 1.5 liters of water


Fact. As a rule, when flying, we lose about the same amount of liquid as when running along the ground. Only in the plane, the liquid leaves our body not through sweating, but through breathing. Weather also has an effect on the water balance of a person. Just like on the ground, we lose more liquid on a hot, dry day than in a cold autumn. Therefore, during the flight, drink more water and do not worry about the fact that you often have to go to the toilet!


9. Mobile phones are capable of plunging into chaos aircraft's airborne electronics


Myth. We used to think so for many years. However, it is now known that mobile phones, smartphones, and other devices do not affect onboard electronics. Since mid-2014, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has authorized the use of electronic devices on board aircraft. We will add that some airlines prohibit making only telephone calls. But not because it's dangerous, but just not to unsettle other passengers.

10. Flight on an airplane is the safest way to travel


Myth. The aircraft is at the top of the safest vehicles but do not lead it at all. Number one on security, in fact, is the elevator. But he can not take you wherever planes fly.

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