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ADVICE TO TOURISTS. 7 things that can not be done while traveling

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During the trip, it is worth remembering personal safety, respecting nature and people. Traveling can, even without knowing it, harm the environment or get yourself into an embarrassing situation. Therefore, you should follow the tips listed below, so that after returning home, only pleasant memories remain.

1. Do not feed wild animals

One of the reasons that encourage people to feed wild animals is the desire to make a photo with them for memory. However, it is worth remembering that the animal can behave in a hostile way and even attack. In addition, your products can be harmful to him.

2. Do not photograph people without permission

In many countries, photographing strangers without permission is prohibited by law. Therefore, before you take a picture with a stranger - ask permission.

3. Do not leave garbage after yourself

The advice is quite understandable, but often we forget about this simple rule. When traveling a reserve, a large park or an ecological path - it is better to put plastic waste in a backpack and throw it into a trash can in the city. Often protected areas are poorly funded and, accordingly, are rarely cleaned.

4. Choose an alternative to the aircraft

First of all, airplanes throw out many harmful substances into the air. This leads to environmental pollution and global warming. Therefore, less resorting to flights, we protect the environment. In addition, traveling by train, bus or car will be much cheaper.

5. Do not spend too much money

Souvenirs should be bought away from popular tourist locations - where they will cost much less. And you can eat in places that are preferred by the locals. This will allow you to try the local cuisine and eat less.

6. Do not make selfies with animals

Animals can be held illegally and in inappropriate conditions only in order to attract tourists. Photographed, you encourage the owner to keep them on and on.

7. Do not humiliate people.

When traveling, treat with respect to all people who meet on the way. And even if you are resting in one of the poorest places in the world - this is not an excuse to treat local people as exhibits.

 Everyone knows that often on a journey you can face theft. Or on own carelessness, it is possible to find out the loss of documents or money.  Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. 

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