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The tourist services market is going through hard times. And the decline in sales to 50-80% cannot withstand all players. The main task for a vacationer is to try to protect yourself on the journey and not lose money, entrusting the organization of your trip to an inexperienced travel agency.

One of the most successful tour operators, "News Travel", on January 16, unexpectedly "died", canceling all their tours and leaving the departed tourists with problems of eviction from hotels and return home. In the summer, a few more colleagues joined in this. In this situation, the tourist needs to turn on mindfulness to the maximum, so as not to get stuck somewhere in Phuket because of the bankrupt agent-intermediary. How to find "almost bankrupt" on time and distinguish a reliable tour from a trap? Now we'll figure it out!

- Cheap - does not mean reliable

Cheap offers are often lured by a frivolous buyer. But, one thing, if you are tempted by a one-time promotional offer. Quite different, if all tours of this agency are much cheaper than those of a competitor.

A cheap package is quite good if sold within a single advertising move. But the fact is that some operators are working on constant price dumping and early booking. This, in fact, is an empty transfer of money from your pocket to your pocket, and not a normal profit. In a crisis situation, this will lead to problems. Therefore it is better to check how much is a similar tour in different months and compare with the prices of other sellers. And perhaps, prick up.

- Details

If the price is so good and tempting, go deep into the details of the proposal:

- Which company performs air or road transport?
- What is its technical park?
- Who ensures the tourist from accidents?
- What is the reliability rating of the insurer?

 Perhaps by going to the airline's website, you will find that it has not been updated for several months. In addition, the tour operator, sending people abroad must have a financial guarantee of the bank. Check this circumstance and at the same time the name of the guarantor bank. His reliability rating can also be found and verified that the bank, according to all data, should not delay the transfer of funds paid for hotels and tickets.


Multidisciplinarity and omnidirectionality are signs of a truly giant market or a fake office. Usually, the company oversees its directions and does not climb into a foreign garden. For example, Pegasus is the leader in Egypt, Join Up in India, the UAE, Sri Lanka, and the Fairy. It is a master on author's excursion tours in Europe, according to this specialization, and a choice should be made for the tourist. Other areas they can also be, but in the range is more modest, since the number of hotels or accommodation is limited. A versatility can be afforded only by companies with a share of foreign capital that are part of foreign groups of companies (TUI, Coral Travel, Tez Tour), and as a rule, they do not hide it.

These strong tour operators have in their management hotels, recreation centers, mastered travel agencies and direct contracts. All this can be checked by looking into its main office or at least to the official site - usually a list of hotels there is presented. This season is most reliable to deal with those who have at their disposal not only their hotels but also planes.

-  Read the contract

Do not be lazy to study the contract for tourist services and documents accompanying it. Each operator has its own contract template for agents. Pay attention to:

- availability of a receipt for payment of the tour,
- requisites of the seller,
- designation of the operator.

You can verify the agency's authority by asking for an agency contract with the operator himself or the agent.

- Insurance is important

Today, a tourist insurance tool is available. He insures him against leaving home. And from the failure of the tour operator to fulfill its obligations. This increases the package price by 2-7%, but this option is usually offered by the agency to customers, although the tour is not "hot." Travel agents are not really interested in selling questionable tours. Although the operator is responsible to the tourist, the injured customer will immediately come with claims to his agent.

 Everyone knows that often on a journey you can face theft. Or on own carelessness, it is possible to find out the loss of documents or money.  Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. 

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