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Budget trip: the secrets of saving

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There is nothing difficult in making your trip budgetary. A little planning and knowing a few secrets of saving are all that is needed for this. Air tickets, hotels, visas, transportation, food, communication - on all these points you can cut costs if you try a little. We will share with you useful tips on how to travel cheaply.

1. Travel by yourself!

The first (and most important) law: do not be afraid to travel independently. It's simple, it's interesting, it's cheap. Some people do not even imagine that you can go abroad without the involvement of agents and other organizations. They believe that only in this way can you guarantee yourself security. And in the end, they get either a boring rest mostly in a recumbent state, or spend huge sums on outside
fixed form holiday. Travel alone is not only possible, but it is also necessary! Only an independent trip can be considered a true journey. And everything else is a tourist holiday. Organize a great trip for everyone, you just need to show a little independence.

2. Find the cheapest tickets

The ability to find and book flights at the lowest price is the most necessary skill for budget travel. The main rule that must always be remembered - the earlier the purchase is made, the more chances to find an attractive option for the price. To become a real master of searching for the cheapest air tickets our advice will help you. It makes sense to monitor the current shares of airlines.

It is best to search for flights with Skyscanner. He will find the most favorable offers for you in any direction. It is a good assistant to independent travelers since tickets he searches among hundreds of airlines. A very convenient feature for budget travelers, allows you to find an option at a better price.

Also, for all lovers of travel, we recommend getting an All Airlines bank card. With all purchases you will receive a cashback in the form of miles, which then you can pay for air tickets bought from any airline! Especially high cashback is accrued from booking tickets and hotels (up to 10%). Also, the owner is provided with a free insurance policy for trips around the world.

3. Make your own visa

Why resort to the help of an intermediary and overpay it?
Find information on the Internet about the nearest consulate or visa center of the country you need, collect all the required documents and go to them. Many believe that making through the agency is more reliable, supposedly so lower the probability of denial of a visa. This is a delusion since the whole mission of these intermediaries is that they will take documents to the consulate instead of you.

4. Properly look for and book accommodation

To make the trip cheap, you need to find inexpensive accommodation.

An alternative to hotels in the popular service of renting private dwellings. Try to find an apartment or a house for your trip. It is much more comfortable and often cheaper (especially if you travel by company or family).

And for those who want to live free of charge, the resource of Couchsurfing is vitally important, where, after registering and creating a personal profile, you can find people ready to shelter travelers at home. The network covers millions of users around the world.

5. Know in advance about the transfer from the airport

Taxis are always the most expensive way of traveling. It is much more advantageous to use public transport: by bus, metro, by train.

However, sometimes it is more convenient and cheaper to use an individual transfer - for example when you travel a large company and order a multi-seat car. Even better - take a car at the airport right away.

6. Use discounts

Groupon gives you the opportunity to buy coupons with a significant discount on a variety of things and events: restaurants, shops, entertainment, attractions, outdoor activities, etc. In Europe and North America, you can get good discounts in a variety of places - from cafes to museums.

7. Use the tickets

Find out about the system of tickets for city transport. As a rule, there are many types of travel, depending on the mode of transport, duration and movement zones. Think about what type of ticket is most suitable for you.

Also in many popular tourist cities, there are special museum maps that provide discounts for visiting sights and allow not to queue.

8. Organize tours yourself

It is always cheaper to get to the place of interest without the participation of agencies and guides. In addition, you make your own visit program - there is no need to adjust to the given schedule and rhythm.

9.  Eat in institutions for local

Eat on travel at the same time and cheap, and delicious! Restaurants designed for tourists, always overstate the price. And in places that the residents prefer, you will find real national cuisine, minimal prices, and the most delicious dishes. If in a restaurant or cafe you see a lot of visitors from the local, it means that there they are perfectly fed - you also go boldly!

10. Protect documents and finances from robbers

 Everyone knows that often on a journey you can face theft. Or on own carelessness, it is possible to find out the loss of documents or money.  Therefore, one should take seriously the problem of storing money and valuables. 

Keep documents better in a separate bag.  We present you Travel Wallet for Women-Passport holder-Lightweight Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Nylon Neck Pouch-Gift (Purple). The bag is made of waterproof fabric. It is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder or neck. And best of all to wear it under clothing, then no one would guess about its existence, and your documents will always be under your supervision. Handle length is adjustable, so you can make your own pick out the size you want. Bag with zipper and Velcro. It fits several passports and documents and a few cards (there are specially designed pockets), money, phone, and headphones, flashes drive keys (for which there is a special lock). There is also a pocket for identity cards. The most valuable things will be next to you. and you can not worry about what documents and valuables stole. A bag is not only remarkably protects your documents but is perfect for any girl or woman. Pink, still more colorful.