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Last time we talking about:  Budget trip: the secrets of saving

How to independently choose a tour online, compare the offers of all tour operators and buy the cheapest ticket? Make it simple! We formulated several main rules for searching the tour.

We want to share the secrets of the correct online search for inexpensive tours at once for all tour operators. Following these simple rules, you can buy a ticket at the lowest price and without the extra hassle.

At once we will answer the most popular question "to buy a tour in advance or to wait for burning offers?".
 The answer is simple: begin to study offers and compare prices in advance, a few months before the trip. If they suit you, then there is no point in delaying the purchase of the tour. If prices seem high to you, then you have a choice:

-Pay for how much they ask, but be calm that the rest is already organized, or
- risk and wait in the hope of big discounts for burning tours.

 It is worthwhile to be prepared that before the departure prices for tour packages can both decline and greatly jump up. Another danger - all standing hotels at the last moment can already be booked.

Well, now we turn to the main thing - to the rules of searching and buying the most inexpensive tours.

1. Selection and booking of the tour online

Buy the cheapest tour only online! In the office of the travel agency, the price for a ticket will always be higher. This is due to objective economic reasons. The final cost of the voucher will include the agency's expenses for renting the office, salaries for employees, etc. There are also psychological reasons. Managers in agencies often in every possible way unwind the client for the purchase of a more expensive tour package.

Two more important advantages of buying a tour online:
- A great saving of time and energy! You do not need to visit the travel agency time after time. Find, pick up and book a tour can be literally for 15-30 minutes sitting at the computer at home or at work.

- There are no problems with the documents. Everyone who has ever purchased a ticket in an ordinary agency knows that managers are delayed with the issuance of documents until the very last moment. Well, let them pull, and we'd better book an online tour package, and all the documents will come to the e-mail.

2. Search among all tour operators at once

Cheap to choose and buy a tour can be, only by comparing the offers of all tour operators. Therefore, the search for the tour should be carried out through those services that work with the bases of tour operators. The logic is simple: the larger the choice, the higher the probability of finding a better price.

Another point that makes online search services for tours among all tour operators is the most profitable - competition. Compare two situations:

Buy a ticket on the official website of the operator or his official travel agent - this is the most disadvantageous enterprise! In these cases, the price will be overstated to the limit. If the firm knows that the customer wants to get their product, then there is no point in offering him a price lower than his competitors. He will buy it already.

Another thing is when on one site tours in one direction offer more than a hundred tour operators, and the client is looking for the best option for the price. Here the winner (the client will receive) is the one who will make the best offer.

3. Independent search of tours

It is most reliable to do something on your own. You know better than any other person what exactly you need and at what price. There is no interference of others - there is no way to confuse you. All this concerns any case, including a search of tours.

4. Flexibility in departure dates

The obstacles that can severely restrict the dates of your holiday are always abound:

- Strictly designated days of vacation, weekends and time off;
- personal files that do not allow you to leave a certain date or return later;
- the difficulty of docking free days between all people if the company rides on vacation; etc.

However, we advise you to achieve as much freedom as possible in the dates. This freedom will give you the opportunity to compare prices for tours for all possible days of departure.

With an independent selection of the best tour, you will come across the fact that the cost of tours varies greatly depending on the date of departure. Therefore, flexibility in dates is a great advantage, which will help to save well.

In the process of searching for an online tour, one should study not only different departure dates, but also compare the cost of vouchers with different lengths of rest. Often tours for 7 nights can be cheaper than tours for 5 nights. Do not limit yourself from the very beginning - check all the options!

Flexibility in the choice of direction

If you prefer to travel every year to rest in the same place, then the question of choosing the direction for you is not relevant. But if you are ready to consider different options, where to go on vacation, the chances of buying a tour cheaply increase significantly.

How can the cost of vouchers differ?

There are traditionally expensive destinations (Cuba, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates), there are traditionally quite cheap destinations (Greece, Czech Republic).
In addition, there is seasonality: one resort is cheaper to fly in the summer, others - in the winter, on the third - in the spring or in the autumn.
Also, random factors work. In a particular period in one direction, very cheap burning tours can be offered, on the other - only vouchers for an average, standard price.
So if your goal is to buy the cheapest tour, then in the process of searching for all tour operators, study all directions of interest to you. Compare not only countries but also individual resorts of one country.

Helpful advice: 

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