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Your flight was delayed? Canceled? Return your money!

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Was your flight delayed? Canceled? Have you suffered from overbooking? Study our infographics to find out if you are entitled to compensation, and if so, which one.

You've packed your bags. Spent a lot of time on getting to the airport, registered for the flight. Passed passport control. The long-awaited vacation is about to begin here ... .The RACE is delayed. FLIGHT CANCELED. OVERBOOKING. Vacations are spoiled, not even have begun.

Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation. It is unlikely to replace a spoiled vacation, but all the same. We carefully studied all the information on compensation and prepared an infographic that will explain to you what you can count on.

How to get compensation

There are two ways to demand compensation from the airline for cancellation, flight delay, and overbooking. You can do it yourself, or take advantage of the third-party help.

If you need help, then sites like AirHelp will help speed up the process. Most of these companies will not take money from you in case of loss of business. But in case of a win, they will most likely have to pay a fee plus a percentage of the compensation received.

Perhaps you are entitled to compensation for flights during the last three years, which you do not know about. Use the scanner in your mailbox on the AirHelp website. He will quickly tell you what compensation you are entitled to. After receiving your permission, the scanner will find in your mailbox emails from airlines with reservation confirmation numbers and calculate the amount of compensation.

If you want to know in advance what to expect from a particular airline in case of flight problems, go to the AirHelp Score page, where you can see the most current rating of the largest airlines. It is based on the quality of service, punctuality and the attitude of the company to customer claims.

Change to another flight or not?

From time to time people who bought tickets for personal reasons do not use them. Therefore, in order not to lose seats on the plane, many airlines practice overbooking - that is, they sell more tickets than seats on the plane. The problem is that sometimes everyone who bought tickets for the flight arrives at the airport.

In this case, someone is transplanted to another flight, having previously interviewed the passengers: - suddenly there will be volunteers. Before volunteering, count the following points:

- Sometimes compensation for forced change of flight is better than for voluntary. If you are unhappy, you can always demand additional compensation.

- What happens if you can not get on the flight that you were offered?

- Will your housing be paid for and other expenses will be compensated if you have to fly the next day?

- Find out if compensation is paid immediately, and ask for all the documents that you might need to claim it (also find out if there are any restrictions).

Exceptions to the rules!

In case of "extraordinary circumstances," you are not entitled to compensation. Fortunately, wars, political unrest, and disasters do not happen every day. Other exceptions to the rules: you were warned about the cancellation of the flight in two weeks or you were offered an alternative flight on the same route with a scheduled schedule (departure time not earlier than two hours before your flight and landing no later than four hours after).

However, you are entitled to a full refund for the entire ticket or for any unused portion thereof, alternative transportation to the destination at the earliest opportunity, or a ticket for a later date of your choice.

Traveler's insurance and credit cards

Perhaps you have a traveler's stroller, or it is attached to your credit card. Many companies that issue credit cards offer their clients different stagings. Before buying a ticket, check that it covers your stroll, tied to your credit card, as well as your traveler's travel tips!

Helpful advice: 

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