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How to save money when booking a hotel?

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Travel planning usually begins with the purchase of tickets and the study of the list of attractions, but the choice and booking of the hotel are often delayed at the last minute. At the same time, if you give the process a little more attention, you can not only find a great place but also save a lot. Today we want to tell you about a few tricks with which you can find the perfect hotel at the best price.

1. Find out the cost of parking

If during the vacation you plan to rent a car, do not forget to check the parking cost and add it to the room rate. Perhaps somewhere near there is a hotel with a higher star, but with free parking, which in the end will allow you to save and win in comfort.

2. Choose the type of number

When your main priority is getting acquainted with the city and long walks, it is logical to assume that you will only go back to your room to sleep. In this case, it makes sense to stop your choice on a hotel with fewer stars, but reserve a room with increased comfort.

3. Vary the location

The hotel in the historical center of the city can cost twice as much as the one that is located near the metro station or bus stop in 10-15 minutes drive. Check the traffic scheme and the fare. It is very likely that breakfasts with dinners in a less tourist area will be cheaper.

4. Refuse breakfast

Do not miss the opportunity to book a room without breakfast. Most often the price of coffee, toast, and jam at the hotel is greatly overstated. In this case, the savings will give you the freedom to choose the menu.

5. Read reviews

Reviews are best to look not on the site of the hotel, but on third-party resources. Pay attention to the authors. And if the young family did not like the hotel because of noisy parties near the pool, and you just want to have fun, then this feedback is not negative for you at all. The best reviews are from the photo.

6. Book on the day of arrival

It happens that the journey is "flexible" and it is more convenient to find hotels on the spot. In this case, before you go and bargain, check the price on the number on the Internet. Online services often give a good discount for settling on the day of booking.

7. Use loyalty programs

When booking some hotels and buying air and rail tickets to the bonus account, up to 10% of the cost is returned, which can be spent on the following reservations or presented to a friend. A loyalty card allows you to receive bonuses even for buying bread and milk in the store closest to your home. For a year they can easily turn into a free ticket to Bali.

Helpful advice

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