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Accommodation at the hostel: tips

Last time we talking about Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train.

Accommodation at the hostel : tips
For connoisseurs of inexpensive vacation, due to rising prices in hotels becomes indispensable for this hostel. Many still refer to such an institution, as a hotbed of infection, and this is a great opportunity to make a budget and a fun ride. After all, if most of the money you can spend on tours and entertainment.

What is a hostel - Features and Benefits

Here you'll find cheap accommodation and you will be able to prepare meals in the shared kitchen. Standard rooms at the hostel can accommodate a 4 to 16 people. There is room for two people, but they will cost you more. The bathroom in the hostel provided for general use.

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Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train.

Last time we talking about 10 tips for traveling couples

Probably every second loves to travel because it is a new experience, emotions, memories and new knowledge. But in order to get to the right place, you need to get there. Very often this is done using buses, airplanes, ships, but the most common are the trains.

Advantages of travel by train are obvious: it is quite democratic and costs of transport, which has almost all the amenities, including the bed.

1. Train tickets can be ordered from the comfort of home, by telephone or via the Internet. Upon receipt you just show your passport and pay the full cost of the ticket, if it has not been paid previously (electronic money or a credit card).

2. If there are no tickets in one place, you can take in the other, and from there to get to the address of interest, it is possible to easily change the route and driving directions to leave of their own accord.

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10 tips for traveling couples

Last time we talking about Traveling on a motorcycle. Advice.

Travel together - incredibly nice, plus it is a beneficial relationship. Joint travel - it's also a good way to test how strong your union, and what are the limits of what is permitted in your relationship. We want to share with you our secret knowledge - how to avoid conflict and frustration when you travel together.
Here you will find advice from our experts.

1. Get to know your partner

Folk wisdom says that the travel originating or die attitude. And this is very similar to the truth. Traveling with a friend or a partner can be a wonderful memory for a lifetime, or turn into a torture - when a few weeks after the start of the world tour, you realize that you were in the company of a man who annoys you terribly, and get away from him, you can not.
Finding the right partner is not easy to travel all that annoys you at home, it will annoy you twice as much in the journey - when you spend together twenty-four hours a day.

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Traveling on a motorcycle. Advice.

Last time we talking about What to do if your flight is canceled?

Every motorcycle owner feels the desire to go on a long journey. This is understandable: it is very well present themselves speeding by on two wheels on the road when there are glimpses of the great outdoors. And what feelings are when you will go to practice!

But ... what should be done to romantic hopes were not in the headlines with the first trip? Experienced travelers give specific recommendations on this matter.

First of all, shape the desires and possibilities. With no experience of riding more than five hundred kilometers during the day could be dangerous. Without proper practice, no endurance and perseverance character will not help you. Long Road assumes the risk faced with changing weather conditions. Hitting the road under the rays of the hot sun? Do not hope that the weather will remain unchanged throughout the day, especially during the multi-day trip.
It is important to understand that to maintain the same high tempo average drive beyond the power of even the most experienced bikers. After passing a long distance in the first days, be prepared that the period from the third to the seventh day and travel distance will inevitably decline. For the beginner, has only recently begun to conquer the road, it is better to plan a route shorter and to the places where it is possible to stop more often. Think about where you can go round the place of possible delays on the road.

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What to do if your flight is canceled?

Last time we talking about Biometric passports: pros and cons

Flight Cancellation and not so rare as it seems at first glance. The reasons may be different. If the flight was canceled shortly before departure, then most likely the fault of the weather conditions or technical problems. But it happens that the flight is canceled for a few weeks or even a month before departure. What to do in each case we will now and tell.

The flight was canceled before departure

If registering on the scoreboard in front of your flight you will see the words "Canceled", the first thing to do - ask the airline employee who carries out the flight. It can be found at the front desk, at the ticket office at the airport or the airline to ask airport staff.

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Biometric passports: pros and cons

Last time we talking about The safety of tourists

It is a passport to travel abroad, which has a chip - smart card using wireless technology. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) decides which user data recorded in the memory of the chip. For example, a photograph, fingerprints, iris eyes and so forth. Further, the microchip sewed in the document page and acts as a repository of information about the owner of the passport. Understand that the document contains a microchip can be on the cover, on which the special international marker.

Pros and cons of biometric passports

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The safety of tourists

Last time we talking about What is a " Stay hot" and what its benefits

If the question is, acquire insurance policy or not, going on a long journey for a long time is not necessary, then the problem of how to handle this important document, which he gives the right to rest and which imposes duties, has not yet been clearly resolved. From complaints to the insurance companies by the customer and vice versa. We will try to help not too experienced insurers and list the main mistakes that allow the holders of insurance policies, going to foreign resorts.

What not to do the tourist
First of all remember the "rule of tourist №1": no one - neither the guide nor the senior group on tourism, much less at the doctor - do not give your passport and insurance voucher. The fact is that in recent years in many holiday countries (especially in Cyprus and Turkey) has extended insurance fraud, which is based on the fabrication of fake foreign medical histories - in order to obtain unwarranted payments from insurance companies. After parting with the insurance policy, you are an accomplice may unwittingly be a criminal offense of fraud and later be held liable.
Notify the registration data for your insurance is only necessary operator "Assistance Service" or the attending physician. Also, you need to copy the information from the policy (his phone number, and representatives of the insurer in the resort), so that in a case of loss or destruction of this important document is not to remain without medical protection. If your insurance voucher that ever happened, you should immediately notify the insurance company. And of course, make sure your documents. They, like valuables, can be put in a safe if you are in the hotel. Documents are best stored and transported in a bag, for example, Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It's small but compact. It is convenient to use. It can be worn around the neck or Spaulders. Cord length can be adjusted individually. In this bag, you can put the passport, keys, cards, money, documents and tickets, phone, sunglasses, camera. To ensure the safety of your documents, you can carry the bag under your clothes. It has several pockets, some of them with velcro and zipper. There is a pocket for identity cards. It is the best option for travel.

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What is a " Stay hot" and what its benefits

Last time we talking about Travel tips in the forest

In fact, the very concept of "hot tours" is very strange. Hot Tour is no different from an ordinary tour, well, if only the price !!!!! But this feature of them - usually the most interesting and enjoyable!

Whence do these hot pass? hottour
Tour operators - the same people - somebody on riskier someone is careful, someone is generous, someone is stingy. Accordingly, the tours are calculated in different ways: one wants to earn more money, lay in the price of the tour such profits that it can be a year to feed five people and keeps the price, not dropping until the last day. The other, based on the mass, will make the price lower, pick up tickets and more is waiting for the flow of tourists. But danger lurks here: and if not designed and fewer tourists? And sit with tickets in her arms ... And here and those and others for sometimes panic starts before the tour - what to do with the place? One way out - to reduce the price, not just by a little bit, but is lowered to such an extent that for a day or two before

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Travel tips in the forest

So, you are going to the forest in the campaign. What do I need to bring?

It all depends on how and how much you are planning a vacation, what time of year. For example, if you plan to hike in the summer, with a few stops - you need only the necessary minimum. Because every extra thing to take with the evening becomes ten times harder if you lie on your shoulders. So you need to very carefully select the really useful things. We present a list of needed items:

1. Knife - without it in the woods as a hands-free, it is advisable not to take the multi-functional, all-purpose, small and compact Swiss knife. And it is better to take a good, big and massive hunting knife in a sheath. He will replace and fork, and a small ax, and in it is much more convenient to use.

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Rules of conduct in the journey by bus

Last time we talking about  Long trip - some tips

Navigate between cities and countries on buses is not only inexpensive but also convenient for many reasons. We already wrote about the advantages of the bus. Today will tell you about the rules of conduct in this journey and provide a list of needed items to the trip was not only interesting but also more comfortable.

How to organize a trip?

In principle, the organization of such a trip should not bring problems: all-you should choose the direction and book a ticket on the bus. Our advice: instead to stand in line at the ticket office, you better try to buy a bus ticket through the Internet. And do not even need to look for the direction you want to dozens of carriers sites - it is easier to see the available routes and prices at once in one place.

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