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ADVICE TO TOURISTS. 7 things that can not be done while traveling

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During the trip, it is worth remembering personal safety, respecting nature and people. Traveling can, even without knowing it, harm the environment or get yourself into an embarrassing situation. Therefore, you should follow the tips listed below, so that after returning home, only pleasant memories remain.

1. Do not feed wild animals

One of the reasons that encourage people to feed wild animals is the desire to make a photo with them for memory. However, it is worth remembering that the animal can behave in a hostile way and even attack. In addition, your products can be harmful to him.

2. Do not photograph people without permission

In many countries, photographing strangers without permission is prohibited by law. Therefore, before you take a picture with a stranger - ask permission.

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How to buy cheap air tickets?

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Due to the high cost of air transportation in almost all directions, the issue of the economy on flights is especially relevant. To date, there are several ways to buy affordable air tickets. One such way is special offers from various airlines. As a rule, it is almost impossible to track the proposals of hundreds of companies independently. In order to facilitate such a task and save considerable time, a special resource was created to find cheap air tickets. In addition, the site realized the possibility of online booking flights for selected destinations.

Special offers to date are the most convenient way to save on air tickets. Such proposals are the result of the competition of many existing airlines, as well as a fairly effective method of attracting customers. Today almost every air carrier company offers special offers, with the help of which the most knowledgeable passengers can buy air tickets for the flights they need at quite affordable prices.

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How is a tourist trip to protect yourself from disease?

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Viruses and diseases develop and mutate in parallel with scientific progress.
Nowadays, 36 hours are enough to fly around the world on an airplane. And for the same amount of time, it takes viruses to fly with us from one side of the Earth to the other. More than 700 million people travel the planet every year. A significant part of tourists aims to travel to developing countries. These people are at greatest risk and often become carriers of infection when they return home.

To avoid danger, you must take precautions before you start.


To reduce the risk of diseases abroad, ideally, you should contact your doctor 4-6 weeks before you leave, telling him about the countries you are going to visit.
Among the moments that need to be considered are allergies to food and medicine, the current state of health.
Depending on the route and purpose of the trip, be sure to evaluate the risk factors:

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10 myths and facts about air travel

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Is it really safest to travel on airplanes? Why do some sides not have the 13th row? And do pilots fly over the Bermuda Triangle? Presenting to your attention myths and facts about air travel.

1. The pilot and the second pilot are not allowed to eat the same dishes


Fact. In fact, this is not an official rule, but many airlines do not recommend crew members to eat the same food. This approach avoids a situation in which both pilots are "out of order" with food poisoning. Some carriers follow a different rule and allow pilots to have the same thing, but at different times.


2. Air conditioning systems in airplanes distribute microbes throughout the cabin


Myth. Air conditioning systems in aircraft have to do hard work. Due to extreme environmental conditions, they must regulate not only the temperature on board but also the pressure and humidity of the air. Highly specialized air filters also collect bacteria, viruses and dust from the air, and even individual particles from the clothing of smokers. But they do not exactly spread germs around the salon. Filters installed in airplanes are so effective that the air on board is actually cleaner than what we breathe in most shopping centers.


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Tips for buying air tickets

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The search for a suitable air ticket can be quite complicated. Here are some practical tips for buying air tickets:

1. In the prices for air tickets, there can be a huge difference depending on where they were bought, so it is worthwhile first to look closely. On the Internet, there are sites that compare the best prices for a particular route. Sometimes there are restrictions on the use of citizens or permanent residents of only one country or another, use the search engine to find a site suitable for your country.

2. Today there are quite a lot of budget airlines. Check them and find out if the low-cost airline is flying to your destination. Pay attention to the information.

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Baggage issue

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It happens that we are forced to change our usual format, not traveling with a backpack or a small suitcase. Sometimes you need to take with you atypical luggage - sports equipment, food processor, favorite ficus, electric guitar or pet.

It would seem that it can be simpler - register all things on the counter at the airport and carry. But no. Each category of non-trivial baggage has its own rules and terms of transportation. About them and will be discussed.


If you are going to the permanent residence, study or a long internship in another country and decided to carry all your things (sofa/floor lamp/food processor) with you, you need to know that the oversized luggage is transported:

 a) only as a cargo and
 b) for some money.

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Air Force Majeure

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Agree, it is better to be prepared for any unpleasant situation. This is especially true for those who travel by air, and is a "hostage" of meteorological and other negative "factors of influence."

Delays, cancellations, and delays in flights, overbooking, damage, and loss of baggage are the most common situations that irritate travelers. What to do? Where to run? To whom to address? It's pretty simple.


This is the most common type of force majeure, which can make adjustments to the plans of travelers. From half an hour to a couple of dozen hours. However, whatever the duration and reason for the delay - (technical, meteorological or socio-political) - the airline is obliged to provide a certain set of services. Of course, it's free. This includes communication (two phone calls to anywhere in the world and 2 emails) and food/drinks during the period of forced waiting. The situation with food is as follows. The time of arrival of your breakfast/lunch/dinner is regulated and depends on the distance of the delayed flight. So, passengers of short flights (up to 1500 km) begin to feed after 2 hours, if the range is medium (from 1500 to 3500 km) - at least after 3, and for passengers of long-haul flights (more than 3500 km), food arrives in 4 hours.

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When choosing a children's holiday, pay attention ...

Last time we talking about:  How to check the ticket reservation?

Rest with your favorite child is certainly a pleasant and very useful event. But what if the mother and dad are prevented from doing this, for example, urgent work, and the child still dreams of breaking out into a world full of fun and pleasure? The way out, of course, is to send an adventurer to the camp.
Children's rest in the camp is a great opportunity to have a good time, recharge your batteries and learn something interesting.

According to professional psychologists, the key moment in children's recreation is its quality content. This should include not only such recreational procedures as bathing and sunbathing, as well as various physical activities. Without a decent mental training, a child's rest can only harm the child. Researchers of scientists have amazed the world with their results. As it turned out, if a child and even an adult spend their holidays, lying on the beach, going fishing, and also digging in the beds in the country, the intellectual indicators by the end of rest fall by 20%! Therefore, the choice of the camp should be taken very carefully. It is best to focus on those camps that are located on warm and medicinal coasts. Also, pay attention to the rest program. Organizers should competently and skilfully combine traditional beach rest with original events. For example, teaching horseback riding, a foreign language, or how to behave in a decent society, golf and so on. Another reason why it is better to rest near the sea is a rapid restoration of immunity, which has already suffered for several months of not the best weather.

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How to check the ticket reservation?

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Everyone who deals with modern technologies will agree that they make life much easier and simplify many processes. Shopping, communication, travel are much faster and do not force you to waste time and energy in the queues. But even those people who are boldly using technology sometimes have doubts about the reliability of electronic systems. After all, although they exclude the errors of the so-called "human factor", they make mistakes due to computer failures, a shutdown of the operating system or banal device failure. And the only way to guarantee your own peace of mind is to clarify all the data once again.

A computer crash that occurs when you pay for a purchase in an online store or refill a mobile phone account threatens with a bit of chagrin, possibly by losing a certain amount of money. But if technical problems have touched on more serious processes, such as, for example, ordering an electronic ticket for an airplane, they are fraught with big troubles. And the convenience and time savings can result in loss of money, nerves, and tardiness. Especially if the system of flights and transplants between them was calculated by you to the smallest detail. In order to avoid such problems, let's find out in advance how to check the ticket reservation before arriving at the airport for registration.

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How to determine the reliability of a company tour?

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Where would you begin the preparation for the journey? From choosing a destination, getting acquainted with the weather forecast, collecting a suitcase? All these actions are really needed, but not in the first place. But first, you have to check the reliability of the tour operator, with which you will set off. For experienced tourists, this advice may seem banal, because they do not travel for the first time, and they had time to study the tourist market. If you have friends who were with the country you were going to visit, do not forget to ask them about a reliable tour operator. They will certainly give useful advice.
And everyone else is advised to think about choosing a travel agency as soon as possible. Especially for those who are planning no extreme adventures, but a pleasant stay for their pleasure. To this pleasure was not spoiled even at the very beginning of the holiday, take the trouble to really check the reliability of the tour operator. How? To this end, we have prepared a material in which practical recommendations on choosing a tour operator and objective feedback are concentrated.

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