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Long trip - some tips

Last time we talking about Loss of baggage during air travel. What to do?

You are going on a long journey. Some advice from an experienced traveler. The basic rule about which we should not forget - is the safety of the road. Not
prepared car - a possible headache in the middle of the road. Before you hit the road, it is advisable to carry out unplanned maintenance vehicle.

Particular attention should be paid to the engine, chassis and powertrain of the car. Check and, if necessary, add antifreeze fluid in the windscreen washer. Pay special attention to the brake fluid. Remember that the brake fluid is hygroscopic and gaining a moisture over time and hence its properties deteriorate, the boiling temperature decreases, the braking distance increases. This is especially dangerous downhill when engine braking does not work and we have to use a long time, brake, causing the brake fluid can boil. Replacement should be done 1 time in 2 years.

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Loss of baggage during air travel. What to do?

Last time we talking about How to choose a cruise liner

A rare passenger traveling without baggage. And with their luggage, as we know, it can happen anything: lost, spoiled, confused. Nonsense - but it still hurt. What to do when with bags and suitcases had an accident?

Situation One: lost.

You stand at the airport near the transfer belt and wait when there will be a native suitcase. Your companions have already received their bags, and your not. After an hour or two to visit you clearly guess that the baggage is lost. And rightly so. If you yourself yet can not find the luggage, immediately go to the Lost End Found office, which is located in the airport arrivals area and operates around the clock.
In the office, you will be asked to show a ticket with a luggage tag stuck and ask in detail about what color, size, and shape of your suitcase was, whether he had special signs, as well as take an interest in its contents. Draw up a statement about the loss of PIR and will be looking luggage. A copy of this act, as well as ticket and baggage tag, must be maintained.

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How to choose a cruise liner

Last time we talking about What if I lost my passport abroad?

For many travelers, especially beginners, on a cruise ship tour represented a fascinating voyage. But, sometimes, this cruise can bring some travelers are not delighted, and some disappointment. How should I choose a sea tour to the end result does not spoil yourself this long-awaited vacation and romantic getaway.

A cruise ship

For whom and why? The very first thing you need to know about cruise ships on the sea is the fact that such travel is not for everyone. If your body is not ready to endure the constant rocking, then this kind of trip is not for you.

In addition, a cruise can disappoint tourists who prefer outdoor activities and rich excursion program. That tour is a best suited tour in road transport, which the program includes visits to many countries and places of interest. The cruise liner on a visit to the cities significantly limited. Accommodation on the ground are not provided, making the journey through the expanses of water, you will likely not see or learn anything new.

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What if I lost my passport abroad?

Last time we talking about What You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

While abroad, you should always carefully monitor your documents, otherwise you risk creating a lot of problems, particularly with the return to their homeland. But what if the loss still occurs?

Do not panic, you only need to know how to restore the passport in case of loss, which should be treated and what actions to carry out in this case.

Action scheme

Get ready for the fact that instead of the country's attractions you have to visit its state institutions. Perhaps there was a loss, and not your negligence, in which case, you need to understand what to do if the passport was stolen.

The first institution where you should turn it the police of the country in which you have lost your passport. There you will need to write a statement about the loss or theft of your document. Ask the police to provide you with confirmation that the current time, you do not have passports. If you refuse to provide a certificate (in some states can not figure out what you need it for the embassy), not to write a statement about the loss of the document, and its theft. In this case, you will need to issue a report that you've come to the station with a similar statement.

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What You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

Last time we talking about Bicycle journey alone

You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

When choosing a guided tour
As a travel rate their strength. You, as a true traveler, waiting for the early rise and the late arrival at the hotel, trekking tours and travel in the bus, when you select the tour program, pay attention to the mileage crossings. Be prepared for a large flow of information and constant communication with fellow

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Bicycle journey alone

Last time we talking about How useful holiday in the mountains

Once the bike was invented, people went hiking on the bike alone. More than 100 years ago, even the first trip around the world have been committed. So let's talk about the phenomenon as a single journey on a bicycle.

Reasons independent bicycle trips.
And why exactly is it that people are sent to the cycling trip alone? The basic reason is the lack of adherents among the entourage. What can you do if your friends and comrades are not addicted to biking or do not have long for this opportunity? All the same, as if someone did not want to be alone with him, a good friend, often only help to make the holiday even better. Alternatively, bring your pet, why not?

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How useful holiday in the mountains

Last time we talking about   Travel for students

Of course, holidays in the mountains is less popular, unlike the rest at the seaside. As they say, an amateur. As it turns out, because many people underestimate the benefits of this type of recreation. And perhaps learn some beneficial effects on human have mountains change their minds.
Let's start with the mountain air. The air in the mountains is crystal clear, moreover, its density is less than the usual for us the conditions of the plains. Due to this factor, the sun's rays neutralize various harmful microorganisms.
Along with low density, in the mountain air oxygen, it contains less than at sea level, which makes the work a different respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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Travel for students

Last time we talking about   Rules pleasant journey for the elderly

Today, thanks to the development of production technologies and the vast possibilities offered transport anyone in a matter of hours can get in a foreign country, and fly between continents takes less than a day. Until a few decades ago, people went beyond the maximum one area and the capital of the country visited only a few times in a lifetime. But now traveling all over the world have become more affordable in terms of time, and the financial aspect. So it is possible due to the fact that the various tourist companies are creating not only the VIP-tours for wealthy people, but also economical offer, designed for people with low income who do not just want to lie in the hotel near the pool and take advantage of the VIP-bar service, but to see other countries and learn about different cultures.

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Rules pleasant journey for the elderly

Last time we talking about Safety precautions when traveling abroad

Pension - a great chance to finally do so, what will never have enough time. Despite the stereotypes that a pensioner can not afford to travel, in recent years the number of older people traveling has increased by 20%. Older travelers are no longer afraid of ticketing difficulties, language barriers, and even a long flight.

A sufficient amount of time can not only go on the journey itself but also study in detail the important points and details to organize an interesting and memorable trip. Modern tourism industry offers a very attractive option for older people. In addition, through a series of online resources, anyone can pick up their own tour based on personal interests and the available budget.

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Safety precautions when traveling abroad

Last time we talking about How to prepare your child for the first trip to the sea

Everyone wants his vacation was calm, but it is not always. The knowledge about the history, traditions and modern life of the host country to help orient in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, there are simple rules that will help tourists to get away during the holiday abroad.

Preparing for Your Trip
Before traveling abroad, it is best to write the number of the Russian embassy or consulate in the country to which you are traveling, as well as the police phone numbers, ambulance, and fire.

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