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Important points when planning a honeymoon

Last time we talking about How to travel with pets

For each of the fair sex, one of the most memorable and exciting days it is, of course, the wedding. To it is necessary to prepare in advance to take into account many aspects and nuances. Moreover, in addition to the pre-planning of the celebration, buying the dress, preparation of the entertainment program, menu development, etc., deserve special attention and also activities related to the careful thought honeymoon.

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How to travel with pets

Last time we talked about What do I need to take a hike

Planning a vacation but do not want to leave home a furry friend? Use these tips and make traveling with pets safe and easy

Travel with pets and make discoveries together
Whether your pet is a professional or a novice traveler, a trip with him will require additional preparation. Below is a list of what you need and can not do when traveling with pets. So now you and your furry friend will be able to immerse themselves in the great adventure.

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What do I need to take a hike

Last time we talked about Travelling during pregnancy

The main thing that you need to take a hike - this is a large supply of optimism and good mood. Whatever your list of things to hike, be sure to include in it these two items. Well, if you speak more down to earth, to go on the tourist route in the company of friends, and, perhaps, with the child need prepared thoroughly.

In this article we look at the contents of the backpack of the "hikers" and find out what to bring to a campaign.

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Travelling during pregnancy

Last time we talked about  What you need to take with you going to the coast

Can I travel during pregnancy? What to look for? We chose the most important issues to consider when planning a vacation during pregnancy.

For how long can you go?
The best time to travel - the second trimester 14-26 weeks. Already behind morning sickness and morning sickness, and with it - the morning sickness, the reaction to odors and stuffiness. Doctors insist on that long journey, you should plan not later than the seventh month of pregnancy since after this period there is a risk of premature birth. It is unlikely that you want the child was born on a train or in an airplane.

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What you need to take with you going to the coast

Last time we talked about What to take a long trip by car?

Imagine a hot summer, you have a long-awaited holiday, which wants to spend soaking up the rays of the bright sun. Or maybe you are at the resort, where a visit to the beach, it's a daily ritual of relaxation and recreation? In any case, if you decide to spend your day at the beach, you need to know that always take to the beach and what things you definitely come in handy.

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What to take a long trip by car?

Last time we talked about How to collect the suitcase on the sea

The trip by car, especially several days - a serious challenge not only for the driver but for the passengers. On the road, they may need a lot of different things that it would be prudent to seize in advance. So, what you need to put in a bag or backpack in the first place?

The trip by car: what to take to the road of the documents?

Starting with the fee to be the most important, that is - with documents. They should be available to all, without exception, who is inside the car. It should be particularly careful driver. Take the usual set of documents:

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How to collect the suitcase on the sea

Last time we talked about Travel by train with a child: what to consider

A few simple rules that will help you not to drag with them unnecessary things and at the same time every day, to look stylish and fresh.
- Bright sunshine combined with high humidity is the main principle of your wardrobe - white , - natural, - pure. These fabric gives a fresh feeling, which facilitates the perception of a hot day. But on white fabrics, and other light colors are clearly visible dirt and insects. Thus, it is necessary to take the soap.
Clothing with long sleeves, long skirts and trousers come in handy. They are justified not only because of the modesty of manners (they go well in any sacred place), but also in terms of climate: they help to avoid burns.

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Travel by train with a child: what to consider

Last time we talked about what things you need to take a train ride

Any trip would be nicer if all the pre-plan, organize and cover all possible situations that can happen to you. If you are traveling with a toddler, then you need to write two lists: one for the child, and the second - the total.

Now moving by train remains more affordable than most other forms of transport. By the way, all these amenities can be found not only in the SW and coupe cars but also in the ordinary inexpensive reserved seat. Of course, that you have not been robbed, you need to be very carefully and take a responsible approach to the choice of the train.

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What things you need to take a train ride

Last time we talked about 10 main rule of hitchhiking

All tourists know that traveling by train is much more comfortable than the bus. And it's not just the speed and the possibility to walk through the carriage. The trip on the train will never be tiring. Even if the trip includes a stay overnight. Of course, we can not say that the road will be comfortable in all respects. In many ways, the trip will depend on the things that definitely need to take with you on the road.
Defined list, of course, does not exist. Someone who constantly uses the services of iron road transport knows that it can take on the road in the first place, what items are indispensable for the trip.

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10 main rule of hitchhiking

last time we talked about TRAVEL ADAPTER AND USB CHARGER

Hitchhiking - a wonderful thing. If you choose this method of travel, in front of you, especially if finances are limited, it offers plenty of opportunities to visit various parts of the world. It is the most interesting type of travel. Hitchhiking allows you to get to know people. He is unpredictable, riskier, and its main advantage - the ability to escape from the routine of everyday life. Someone thinks that hitchhiking - it's a state of mind.

Here are some tips to make your trip enjoyable.

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