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What do you need to know about the e-ticket?

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Often, thinking about the flight, we hear about e-tickets. However, not everyone understands what this document means.
What are its advantages and disadvantages? How is this used and presented for the mission report? How to pay for and issue a return of such a flight contract between the airline and the passenger. Now we will try to answer all the main questions.

What do you need to know about the e-ticket?

An e-ticket is a confirmation of the right of a passenger to use the services of an airline or carrier. This is an analog of the usual paper ticket, only it does not have a real embodiment. It is stored in the database, which is sufficient for the flight.

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What is cycling? How to organize a trip on a bicycle?

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Traveling on bicycles are gaining momentum every year. People are increasingly moving from cars to comfortable and light bikes, especially as modern bicycles are constantly improved and modernized to meet the needs of a particular bike trip.

Bicycle tourism has won the hearts of many travelers who are ready to explore the world. And all thanks to clear advantages: hiking does not allow you to travel long distances at high speed, and the car lags behind in the patency. In terms of material terms, traveling by car requires more expenses than cycling.

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When is it best to book hotels and air tickets?

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You can buy air tickets to Prague at the maximum discount (49%) 7 months before the departure date. If you are going to New York, it is best to book air tickets 2 months before the scheduled date, to Thailand - for 3 months, and to Bangkok - for 5 months. Experts informed about such data.

They also determined the best time for booking hotels in the areas that will be most popular in 2017. In such cities of Europe as Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome, it is better to reserve hotels 1-2 months before the trip. In Budapest, this is better done for 4 months, in Munich - for 5 months. Room in Dubai or in Phuket will cost you the most if you book it 8-9 months before the trip, and in Bangkok - as much as 11 months.

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10 useful tips for travelers

Last time we talking about   Specificity of bus tours

A qualitative and comfortable holiday depends on the traveler, remember some basic rules for your future journey.

To travel has left only pleasant impressions, it is necessary to make not too much. There are several points that should be foreseen in advance - and your vacation will immediately become more quality. Here are ten tips to help you organize your vacation so that there is no annoyance for aimlessly lost money and time.

1. Avoid festive dates, otherwise, the trip will be more expensive, more difficult and irritable. To take the child on vacation, it is enough to leave for a couple of days after the rest and return to two after the beginning of the quarter. The cost of the flight will drop at least twice. On May holidays, hotels need to be booked six months before departure, otherwise, the overpayment will be huge.

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Specificity of bus tours

Last time we talking about  What is an early booking?

Bus tours are probably one of the most interesting types of tourism. No type of travel can compare with the saturation of the program and the wealth of impressions from just one trip, during which you will see several countries, cross many borders. You will see the sights of capitals and provincial towns, you will feel the national peculiarities of the people. In order to make you comfortable on the trip, we gathered for you a baggage of useful tips and recommendations:

Features of bus travel

If you are over 70 or you are overweight, if you are tall (above 1m95cm), then maybe a bus tour is not the best option for you. And still, if you chose this trip, you should be ready for some inconveniences and difficulties - tightness in the bus and quite a serious physical load during crossings between countries and cities and during walking tours.

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What is an early booking?

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 In Europe, tourists have long and actively enjoyed the benefits of early booking. For example, in the UK bookings about 85% of tourists book in advance, in other countries of Europe the figures are similar.
And not in vain. Discounts for early booking tours reach 40%. And this product is worth your attention!

What is an early booking?

Early booking is an action developed jointly by operators, hotels and airlines. Its meaning is to reduce the prices for tours when booking them in advance.

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Overbooking: how not to get lost and fly away on time?

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A month ago, news outlets around the world posted a dramatic video. It shows how the guards rudely took the passenger out of the plane. The incident is that the man had a ticket, and he bought it in the most usual way, but the staff of United Airlines decided that he should leave the plane and give way to the employee of the company. Such an unpleasant situation is one of the types of overbooking. What is it and how to avoid trouble?

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Why you need travel insurance?

Last time we talking about:   5 Tips from Hotel Employees

One of the most joyful and at the same time tedious moments of the forthcoming journey is planning. It is not easy to take into account everything, especially if the trip is planned for a long time. In this case, you need insure. Our life is unpredictable, especially when traveling. If you go further than the village to your grandmother, the insurance should become your guarantor of peace and security. This is one of the most justified investments that you can make before a trip.

You definitely need insurance if you:

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5 Tips from Hotel Employees

Last time we talking about  How to save on renting a car



People working in hotels know for sure that the years of study pay off in their first trip abroad. Want to know why? They know all the subtleties of this sphere of services, which means that they are insured against overpayments and frauds. Surely you will find these tips useful for travelers from professionals.



- Choose the right dates


Michael Terry of the University of Hospitality Management of Florida argues that the cost of service in hotels depends on one single factor: demand. Do you want to relax inexpensively and without crowds of tourists? Go on vacation two weeks before the Catholic Christmas, at the very end of August or in the first few weeks of September.



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How to save on renting a car?

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More and more people prefer to refuse package tours and travel independently. It's nice to feel that you are your own master, where you want, went there. For the complete independence of movement, transport is needed, and the public is not always convenient. And daily trips by taxi can hit hard on the budget. If you drive a car, the most comfortable option to get acquainted with the country will be renting a car on vacation. Today we will tell you a few secrets how to save on car rental without compromising on the quality of the rest.

- Book in advance

There are several obvious advantages in booking a car online. First, a pre-determined price will save you from a typical situation in Asia, when the tourist inflates the cost several times. With Europe and America even more interesting - periodically check prices and see different dates. It may be that from the second or third day of vacation, a cheaper car will be free than from the very first. In addition, by filling out the booking form from your country, you will be informed in advance of all the necessary documents: an international driving license, the rights (may be required), a foreign passport, a credit card (there may be special requirements, for example, only VISA or MasterCard only).

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