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How to travel at minimal cost?


Today, in times of unstable economic situation in the country and in the world, and also because of the constant changes in exchange rates, free to travel the dream of every man. It would seem that traveling inexpensively it's just an impossible dream, but in fact, it is not.
There are many ways to make travel almost free, or even completely free.

How almost free to get to the destination?

For a person who wants to travel around the world and at the same time wishing to spend as little money as possible, nothing is impossible. The main thing is a goal and a really strong desire. Everything else depends only on the efforts made.
The first thing that a journey begins with is the road to the destination. There are several ways to do this for almost free.

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A fascinating paradox, people are eager to go on a journey with the goal of resting, but they are in danger of earning a new stress instead. What can lead to it, and how to avoid it?

Causes of travel stress

Duration of the trip. Some immediately take the maximum vacation, and then it takes a long time to wait for such an opportunity. You can distribute the vacation in several parts. Especially if any of the trips failed, then in subsequent times it will be possible to catch up. Everyone has his own understanding of the ideal period of rest, but it is considered that the most optimal option is 10 days. If you have the business, they will wait for you, and you will have time to rest.

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Wedding abroad: what to look for when planning celebrations

Last time we talking about  Travel tips.

Weddings abroad is a common trend. The organization of a full-fledged celebration only becomes more expensive, but you do not want to give up on honeymoons. So why not combine two events into one, but bright and unique? If you are ready to say "I agree / agree" on the ocean, use this list of tips for planning the ceremony.

1. Select the country of celebration

It seems that this is the easiest and most enjoyable part of organizing a wedding abroad, but before you give preference to a particular country, you should think about this:

* Distance to the venue
Is your choice one of the exotic islands in the Pacific Ocean? This is excellent, but will all guests be able to withstand a long flight? And the financial aspect of the venture may not suit everyone.

* Furnishing
The ceremony of your dream should begin in an ancient castle on top of a cliff and end with a wedding on the beach? Make sure that there is a country on the world map that meets all your needs.

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Travel tips.

Last time we talking about   Safety of tourists on vacation.

In Europe, everything is from huge cities to strange villages, mountains, beaches, and lakes. All these places will be the way you imagined them. Venice will open all its charms for you, and spring Paris will surpass all expectations of lovers of romance. Oxford's colleges really sound like the sets of Harry Potter films. Europe can surprise with its modern sights and architecture. If you are traveling for the first time, follow these tips. They will help you combine practicality with a superb time.


Choose the season correctly


If you choose to travel during the peak summer season, it is best to choose the eastern part of Europe - the Balkan coastline, the Slovenian mountains and the Baltic city. Here you will find many fantastic places for an inexpensive vacation. When the tourist movement ceases with the onset of autumn, go to central Europe. Famous coastlines and islands of southern Europe are quieter at this time of year, and the city of Spain and Italy, acquire a special charm. In winter, Europe can offer world-class skiing and a festive New Year's mood. In the spring it is worthwhile to direct your way to the north, to the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France and the British Isles. For every European country, there is a season and a season. Clearly determine what exactly you want, before booking a tour.



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Safety of tourists on vacation.

Last time we talking about:  The first trip abroad: what do you need to know and how to prepare?

Traveling is wonderful, recognizing new countries, unusual cities, traditions and cultures of different peoples. From any trip there is always a lot of pleasant impressions, nevertheless, no one, for today, can be accurately insured against unpleasant situations. Each country has its own characteristics, because to avoid, and also to prevent possible unpleasant incidents, it is better to be a well-prepared and informed tourist.

Remember that dishonest people are found in any country, not excluding the most civilized countries. Tourists, often, do not travel without money, so the basic rule of safety during a trip is to "merge" with the population. Do not show yourself as a tourist, and even more so in non-tourist places in the city. Do not say everywhere that you are a tourist and you should not open maps and city guides on the general view of the townspeople. The robbers have their own "any" places. Often these are airports and train stations, various markets and large areas. They are attracted by tourists, who leave the bank's currency exchange offices.

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The first trip abroad: what do you need to know and how to prepare?

Last time we talking about: How is it safer to take money abroad?

A trip abroad is an exciting event. Impressions from new countries and cities, meetings and people, emotions and fascinating discoveries. All these experiences and feelings are amplified several times if you go abroad for the first time. How to prepare for this?
First of all, decide on the company and direction. It often happens that even close friends prefer absolutely different kinds of rest, and a joint trip will lead to disagreements and even some cooling in the relationship. Having chosen the country, check the expiration date of the passport, as many people forget about this and in recent days overpay for the urgency of issuing a new passport. In addition, if you fly to a country that supports the visa regime, you will have to take care in advance for a visa. A lot of people prefer to organize their own holidays - they independently submit a package of all documents necessary for obtaining a visa, book hotels on the sites and develop a route and a schedule of rest. However, our advice will help those who travel for the first time, still, make a tour through the agencies.

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How is it safer to take money abroad?

Last time we talking about:  How to return an e-ticket for an airplane?

After the problem of choosing a currency (cash, plastic cards or traveler's checks) is solved, the main question arises before a tourist is how to secure your money on the road against theft or loss. The most vulnerable way of money transfer is a purse. If you lose money on the road, it is, alas, forever - bills, carefully set aside for rest or shopping, no one will restore and return.

Plastic cards have a number of advantages. The money on the card is securely in the bank, and nobody can use them.

What if you lost your plastic card abroad?

The necessary actions of the client in case of loss of a bank card are well known. It is necessary to contact the bank that issued the card as quickly as possible and block it. If the card was stolen, this step will not allow fraudsters to spend money, paying, for example, purchases over the Internet. Each bank - the issue of plastic cards has its own customer support service, which operates around the clock. Therefore, you can contact at any time of the day or night, regardless of the difference in time zones.

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How to return an e-ticket for an airplane?

Last time we talking about:  Cancellation of the permit

The purchase of a plane ticket with the help of electronic money has long been a part of everyday service. Especially for those who are forced to travel a lot, but can not spend time buying seats through the usual cash register. Despite the fact that such a system appeared long ago, not everyone could understand this. The question arises amongst the buyers - is it possible to return an electronic ticket and how to do it, if the trip is to be rescheduled. Let's figure it out!



Registration of return of the electronic ticket

First of all, the buyer needs to determine to which category the return of his ticket applies. There are forced and voluntary options. Forced return of the electronic ticket is fully implemented (100% of the cost) and it is conducted in such cases:


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Cancellation of the permit

Last time we talking about  What is a "hot tours"?

Deciding to go on holiday to another country, often have to book a package tour ahead of time. However, there are circumstances in which you have to refuse to travel. In this case, you must immediately go to the travel agency, which bought a ticket. Money for it can be returned, having lost only a small amount, if you apply with this issue in advance and immediately issue a refusal of the permit.

Are there any penalties?

By law, you can cancel the tour at any time, because the circumstances may be different. In this case, according to the Rules for the provision of services for the sale of tourist products, fines for this are not provided for and illegal.
Despite this, many travel agencies at the conclusion of the contract, register their terms and appoint penalties. Depending on the tour operator, they can be different. So, for different agencies, they can vary from 20 to 50%. It is necessary to carefully read the contract before signing it. Despite this, even if such a point exists, if it comes to trial, it can be declared invalid.

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What is a "hot tours"?

Last time we talking about: Rules for the carriage of liquids in an airplane

What are a  "hot tours"? When is it better to buy it, and will not they deceive the travel agency when buying? Such questions are often asked by people who have never encountered this. In fact, a hot tour is an ordinary tour, which the tour operator needs to sell for several days. To quickly find a client for a tour, the company significantly reduces its cost. Such a proposal can really be real. Among vacationers, there is an erroneous opinion, according to which hot tours in travel agencies are always available. However, this is not the case.

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