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Difficulties of travel: acclimatization

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When you are going on vacation with your family, you need to exclude all unforeseen situations in advance. If your children travel with you, then the choice of route should also be safe. In order not to get into an unforeseen situation - listen to the tourist advice.

It is best to choose for a trip such a climatic region, which is not very different from the region of your residence. Therefore, it is not necessary to fly from the northern latitudes in the cold season for ten days to Egypt. Changing the climate, the temperature regime can lead to changes in the body's defense system and undermine the health of the baby, spoil the impression of your rest.

Adults, no less than children, are subject to problems of acclimatization. There may be headaches, general malaise, various viral infections and intestinal diseases. From 15 to 20 days, the acclimatization of the human body to climate change takes place. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to determine the boundary of your stay on a climatic basis.

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Acclimatization. How to overcome motion sickness?

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How not to spoil your holiday?

Every person lives in a certain biological rhythm. Rhythm is about 24 hours a day, monthly and yearly. Observance of the circadian rhythm is most important for the organism. Let's say you are flying to Southeast Asia. The big gap in time is not so acute at first. New impressions allow you to mobilize and not feel tired on the first day. On the second day, for unexplained reasons, you suddenly start to fall off your feet. In the body, failure begins. The day gets confused with the night, the headaches, palpitations, pressure leaks, memory and attention worsen.

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Acclimatization and how to survive

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Acclimatization - not a disease but a natural process of the body to adapt to new climatic and geographical conditions. M³ show you how to prepare for the trip and how to behave in an unusual environment.

The hardest body is given the move from a cold climate to warm and back again. But even if you are traveling from a warm climate to a hot, the body can respond unpleasant symptoms, and they show up immediately, but the second or the fourth day after his arrival. Acclimatization can last up to ten days, and some people can not adapt to climate change over the years. The most difficult acclimatization runs in the equatorial climate, tropical rain forests, and hot dry deserts. The most difficult move in tropical countries are children, the elderly, the residents of the North. Doctors do not recommend to drastically change the climate in the short period of time (seven to ten days), so the body does not have time to adjust and relax to the fullest. Perfect trip to tropical countries - a holiday of two weeks or more. After returning home to be ready for re-acclimatization - re-acclimatization.

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