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Last time we talking about:  ADVICE TO TOURISTS. 7 things that can not be done while traveling

In Europe, bicyclists travel on separate tracks, and on the highway for travelers, there are places for recreation.

After the introduction of visa-free travel interest in Europe has grown significantly. However, even now not everyone can afford to travel to European countries.

To see the famous and legendary places, travelers wait for discounts on tickets, hitch-hiking and biking. And for an overnight stay, they rent a house in the campsite, break tents in the designated places and engage in couch-surfing.

For economy travel, a bicycle is perfect. It is convenient for them to go, also because you can make a route yourself, where to stay and see interesting places for you. The most important thing is to collect a backpack in advance, take canned food and see the weather forecast for the dates planned for the trip.

To the checkpoint, or to the nearest city, you can get by train or bus. Then, the most important thing remains to cross the border. Usually here are the standard questions: where are you going, how much money do you have, how many days and whether you carry alcohol and cigarettes.

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