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Last time we talking about:  Budget trip: the secrets of saving

How to independently choose a tour online, compare the offers of all tour operators and buy the cheapest ticket? Make it simple! We formulated several main rules for searching the tour.

We want to share the secrets of the correct online search for inexpensive tours at once for all tour operators. Following these simple rules, you can buy a ticket at the lowest price and without the extra hassle.

At once we will answer the most popular question "to buy a tour in advance or to wait for burning offers?".
 The answer is simple: begin to study offers and compare prices in advance, a few months before the trip. If they suit you, then there is no point in delaying the purchase of the tour. If prices seem high to you, then you have a choice:

-Pay for how much they ask, but be calm that the rest is already organized, or
- risk and wait in the hope of big discounts for burning tours.

 It is worthwhile to be prepared that before the departure prices for tour packages can both decline and greatly jump up. Another danger - all standing hotels at the last moment can already be booked.

Well, now we turn to the main thing - to the rules of searching and buying the most inexpensive tours.

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Budget trip: the secrets of saving

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There is nothing difficult in making your trip budgetary. A little planning and knowing a few secrets of saving are all that is needed for this. Air tickets, hotels, visas, transportation, food, communication - on all these points you can cut costs if you try a little. We will share with you useful tips on how to travel cheaply.

1. Travel by yourself!

The first (and most important) law: do not be afraid to travel independently. It's simple, it's interesting, it's cheap. Some people do not even imagine that you can go abroad without the involvement of agents and other organizations. They believe that only in this way can you guarantee yourself security. And in the end, they get either a boring rest mostly in a recumbent state, or spend huge sums on outside
fixed form holiday. Travel alone is not only possible, but it is also necessary! Only an independent trip can be considered a true journey. And everything else is a tourist holiday. Organize a great trip for everyone, you just need to show a little independence.

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