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Collecting suitcases (part 2)

Last  time we talking about   Collecting suitcases (part 1)


For hotels, there are the same meta-searchers (or aggregators), as for air tickets. Free travelers are already used to comparing the prices for flights via Skyscanner, Momondo, Aviasales - these sites do not sell tickets themselves, but collect the offers of all airlines and agencies.
The same focus, it makes sense to do with the hotel! Through the same meta-searchers as the tickets, plus Trivago.ru. Not always promoted Booking offers the lowest price. And on the site of the hotel itself, the room is almost always more expensive.

Did not take care of housing in advance? At the reception you will surely roll out a tidy sum: here he is, the client, stands with a suitcase and clearly wants to shower and sleep, he has nowhere to go, he will pay. Do not hurry. Go to the Internet to the nearest bar, but at least in the lobby of the same hotel - on the hotels booking sites usually a lot of advantageous burning offers. Booking even the credit card information does not ask if you order a room for today.
The reverse situation: the hotel is booked in advance, you changed your mind at the last moment - the trip broke, or the option turned up. And the deadline to refuse without a fine has already passed. Transfer the order to later dates - and then cancel without penalty. Of course, everything depends on the conditions of a particular hotel. Sometimes a fine is taken for changing the dates.

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Collecting suitcases (part 1)

Last time we talking about   Features of travel by bus

The simple and unexpected advice of experienced travelers. They will help you competently assemble in luggage, comfortably spend time on the plane and not spoil your mood on the trip.

Not all tips are universal, choose what suits you.


-C-scan (or just take a photo) passport, rights, other important documents.

- First, print out the scans or make a photocopy. Secondly, save the scans in your tablet or smartphone and send yourself the same email. If you lose your passport, you will quickly prove to the police and consulate that you are you.

- In a strange city, it is better to walk with a copy of the passport and lock the original in the hotel safe.

- Tickets for the plane, confirmation of the reservation of the hotel is also useful to keep on the smartphone - to be on hand, even when the Internet is not.

- Keep screenshots with maps of the right places (how to get from the station to the hotel, find a museum, etc.) - then you will have the route even without the Internet.

Store documents best in one place. We present to you Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. This bag can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. Also, it can be hidden under clothing and no one will notice the bag. belt length can be adjusted individually. The bag will fit a lot of things, such as a passport and documents, money and tickets, keys and phone cards and accumulative card country map and a flashlight. The bag has many pockets, so mess it will not. Bag small but compact. Made of durable material good. There is a pocket with zipper and Velcro for the most valuable things. There is also a pocket for identity cards. The bag is very comfortable and will be helpful in your journey.

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