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Getting ready for the flight

Last time we talking about:  Flights with transfers, or how to save on flights

Before any journey and flight, all of us necessarily accumulate business, and we can easily forget to prepare for the flight. To prevent this, we decided to write an instruction that will be useful to those who fly on the plane for the first time, and to avid travelers.

A few days before the flight:
A few days before the flight must make a list of things to do before the trip. In this list of cases, be sure to include the following items:

- Are you paid for all receipts, bills, fines?
- Is there money on the card and will the card work abroad (some banks have restrictions on the work of the card in certain countries and regions, for example, in Africa)?
- Is there an international long distance connection on your phone - international roaming?
- Check if your passport expires, for example, when traveling to the Czech Republic, the validity of your passport should exceed the validity of the visa for 3 months.

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