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How is it safer to take money abroad?

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After the problem of choosing a currency (cash, plastic cards or traveler's checks) is solved, the main question arises before a tourist is how to secure your money on the road against theft or loss. The most vulnerable way of money transfer is a purse. If you lose money on the road, it is, alas, forever - bills, carefully set aside for rest or shopping, no one will restore and return.

Plastic cards have a number of advantages. The money on the card is securely in the bank, and nobody can use them.

What if you lost your plastic card abroad?

The necessary actions of the client in case of loss of a bank card are well known. It is necessary to contact the bank that issued the card as quickly as possible and block it. If the card was stolen, this step will not allow fraudsters to spend money, paying, for example, purchases over the Internet. Each bank - the issue of plastic cards has its own customer support service, which operates around the clock. Therefore, you can contact at any time of the day or night, regardless of the difference in time zones.

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