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Safety for tourists.

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General tips for travelers

* At the hotel

- Upon arrival at the hotel special attention should be paid to the rules of residence and fire safety. Learn the location of entrances and exits, elevators and stairs. It is advisable to take a business card of the hotel and find out how to contact the competent authorities in case of emergencies.

- All hotels day begins and ends at 12 noon. Therefore, if you arrive earlier or move out later - sometimes you have to spend in the hotel lobby, bar or leaving things in the protected area, wander down the street, shopping, at the beach. If you liked your room so that it does not want to leave until the last minute before the transfer to the airport, be prepared for the fact that you have to pay for half a day, or an additional day, with the highest rates of the hotel.

- Do not risk your cash, leaving them in the room - this is not recommended, even in the safest countries and the hotels of the highest category. Money, documents, valuables should be kept in the safe, which is available in the vast majority of hotels at the reception or in the room and are generally provided for a small fee.

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Safety for tourists in the US

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Some travelers have the illusion that the US - really a free country ...

There is another stereotype - in the United States is ruled by money. But when confronted with the reality of both the myth scattered: freedom in the country is rather conventional, but the law is harsh, and the same for all. This article - a kind of guide for the trip to the States: that, in the opinion of an expert on survival, should know the tourist crossing the border of the country.

Law supremacy
"I do not advise to break laws. You write out a high penalty, regardless of social status. From politicians and film, stars are demanding the same as that of an ordinary citizen, and often fined for traffic violations, drug abuse and so on. Sometimes local elite even imprisoned or sentenced to correctional labor.

From politicians and film, stars are demanding the same as that of an ordinary citizen. For speeding, you face a fine of about a thousand dollars, and you can even put behind bars in some cases.

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