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A little preparation for the long journey.

Last time we talking about    Tips for vacationers: how not to fall into the trap of travel agencies-one-day?

Plan a route, collect luggage and prepare for the trip. Discover the secrets of experienced travelers before heading into another adventure.


Have you ever dreamed of conquering Kilimanjaro? Go to search for your ancestors in Ireland? Perhaps you would like to go on a safari to South Africa or fly on a hang-glider over the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Among so many incredible features, you can easily choose the right option.

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Useful travel tips

Last time  we talking  about  How to go on a trip around the world?

Useful travel tips:

Even those for whom tourism hobbies are an integral part of life and sometimes commit gross errors. How to avoid it? Check what useful travel tips:

Tourism Tips

1 Before you go somewhere, get acquainted with the usual rates for housing on all possible websites. Calculate the arithmetic mean and 15 percent Castaway. This will be the amount for which you need to focus, choosing the place for your holidays. Remember that many initially wind the prices (almost everywhere), so do not hesitate to bargain.

2 In order to not worry about the documents, it is better to do them beforehand and to assure a photocopy and scan. Suddenly, on the border are unlikely to understand your "word of honor." The same applies if the documents are stolen (which is not uncommon).

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Useful Travel Tips - What You Should Know, Going on vacation?

Last  time  we  talking  about   Things to know when traveling abroad


If you are going on vacation, then you should know some useful tips to help you spend your time on holiday in the best way. And the first of them is that the place you have chosen to travel carefully. Do not limit yourself to only those information about hotels and inns, which offer travel agents in your city. Be aware that the ratings for each institution you can always find on the Internet. Take a few days to study the information and buy a tour, based on them.

Remember also that in restaurants and cafes customary to leave a tip. What is the minimum size of the tip? It depends on your generosity. However, the amount should not be less than ten percent of the bill. At tea, money is left not only the waiters but also serves the hotel staff. You can not doubt that a few dollars left on the bed in the room, bring you in the future a lot of pleasant surprises. For example, in the form of folded towels figurines of animals and birds from the napkin. Tipping taxi drivers are also required! Naturally, in that case, if the service does not suit you one hundred percent, the extra cost to you at all to anything.

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