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Where to go for a vacation with the child? Features traveling with children (part 2)

Last time we talking about   Where to go for a vacation with the child? Features traveling with children (part 1)


It is only in our country, children in the sandbox of one not released. The school - the parents, the theater - with the teacher, and if you walk, it is only a group of at least five people.
The fact that one child went to visit her grandmother in another city - and can be no question.
Abroad, the children literally from the younger years are beginning to travel on their own: bikes, cars, trains, walking, finally.

The only form of transport on which parents can put the child and do not worry - it's a plane. However, each airline has its own rules of transportation of children flying unaccompanied. And before you book an air ticket, we strongly recommend that you become familiar with them.
Do foreign air carriers are strict age restrictions for children traveling alone? For example, the airline did not take on board their aircraft children (by flying) aged up to two years, and the Dutch KLM - up to five years. But for children over five in the Dutch developed a special program Junior Jet: a child acquires the status of a particular passenger, and from the moment of check-in prior to arrival at the final destination enjoys special attention from the KLM staff. Children cling to the clothes a special badge with the inscription Junior Jet, baggage molded bright stickers also showered with gifts and indulges in every possible way during the flight.

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Where to go for a vacation with the child? Features traveling with children (part 1)

Last  time  we  talking  about    Your safety abroad

Agree, vacation with children, whether it be independent travel or ready to tour, imposes some restrictions on the parents, is not it? Absolutely everything must you meet the climate, location, hotel, animation, room service, medical center, the presence of children's programs, a games room, meals, high chairs in the dining room, finally.

It would seem possible to dispense with all these things. But as soon as the question of choosing a place of rest with a child gets an edge, as soon as there is one problem after another. And that's fine. Think about it, because you want to relax, is not it? Relax with your family, and not go crazy because of the child and the constant hassle. Of course, there is always the option to go with my grandmother to be a nanny for your child while you are relaxing, but the possibility is not at all and, besides, my grandmother, too, need to rest. Mark as a nanny vacation - this option is also not for everyone.

So you're going on holiday with the whole family. The primary objective, which is to stand in front of you, so choose a place of rest, to rest without problems and incidents absolutely all members of your family. Of course, if you child is diligent, not capricious, easily adaptable to any conditions and from the do not leave a single step, you do not worry about anything. But such behavior is, as a rule, is not peculiar to children. So we have some work to do.

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