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Nuances during check-in and stay at the hotel

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When settling in and staying at the hotel there are many nuances about which not all tourists know. As a result, tourists face problems and misunderstandings. Therefore, in this article, we will try to consider all possible questions that may arise during your holiday.

Even if you bought a ticket to a travel agency and flew to rest with a tour operator, then all your problems in the hotel travel agency do not apply! The task of the travel agency is to sell you a package, arrange a flight, transfer, book a hotel and everything. But some special rested tourists believe that if the plane is bad, then this is not a complaint to the airline, but to the travel agency. And if the hotel has poor food or the room does not work air conditioning, then these problems should be solved by the travel agency. In general, the travel agency in these cases has nothing to do with it, and you have to solve all the issues at the hotel with the hotel staff.

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