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When is it best to book hotels and air tickets?

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You can buy air tickets to Prague at the maximum discount (49%) 7 months before the departure date. If you are going to New York, it is best to book air tickets 2 months before the scheduled date, to Thailand - for 3 months, and to Bangkok - for 5 months. Experts informed about such data.

They also determined the best time for booking hotels in the areas that will be most popular in 2017. In such cities of Europe as Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome, it is better to reserve hotels 1-2 months before the trip. In Budapest, this is better done for 4 months, in Munich - for 5 months. Room in Dubai or in Phuket will cost you the most if you book it 8-9 months before the trip, and in Bangkok - as much as 11 months.

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10 most important tips for independent travel to Europe

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We have to admit that the tourist industry has finally spoiled the tastes of tourists. Instead of the impressions and beauties of the world, people choose "hotel stars" and "breakfasts". It should be remembered that "all inclusive" and "transfers" deprive you of the opportunity to plan your own time, to try the local cuisine. The challenge is that the traveler should not spend more money than a local resident. The exception is accommodation.

We want to share the most important tips:

1. Plan ahead. You need to start planning for 2-3 months. In most cases, you will get the best prices for tickets and accommodation. If the route turned out cheap, redeem all tickets that can be redeemed. If something can not be redeemed from here, foreign friends can help you. As a rule, tickets can not be returned - and this is the most serious incentive to not let go of the trip.

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Going on a trip, you can choose a variety of vehicles. Airplane, car, bus - there are a lot of options. However, it is the train that helps to overcome long distances for a small price. And still, there is a romantic mood. That is why the popularity of rail transport does not decrease with time.

In order to travel by train without problems and receive only positive emotions, you need to remember a few simple rules and tips:

- Going to the station, be sure to check whether the tickets for the train and passport are in place. As to detect their absence before landing, the impression is not pleasant. However, if you forget and lose only tickets, they can be restored at the ticket office of the railway station. To do this, you need to show your passport. In this case, it is desirable to remember or write down the number of the train, car, and seat in it, this will speed up the restoration of tickets.

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How to avoid trouble when traveling alone?

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In traveling alone there are a lot of pluses. You do not need to wait for anyone and drag yourself into the fossil museum when you want to sit on the terrace for half a day with a glass of wine. You can spend as much as you want and do not compromise from the category "I do not go to restaurants without Michelin stars." But also about own safety, it is necessary to care more carefully.

Do not be lost
At least one person should know all the details of your movements. Negotiate with him and tell about all your movements, including the names of hotels, flights and car numbers that you hire. Do not hesitate to take pictures wherever you have the Internet, and report your plans every day. If you suddenly disappear from the radar for a long time, your friend will have an excuse to sound an alarm in time.

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Advice from experienced travelers


It's time to turn from a tourist to a real traveler. Get advice from experienced travelers on how to travel on a modest budget, maintain health away from home and communicate with the local population, wherever you are.


Traveling to new places - for work or pleasure - takes a lot of energy from us. But to meet new places and cultures you need to be in shape. Follow a set of simple rules to feel good wherever you travel.

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10 tips for traveling couples

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Travel together - incredibly nice, plus it is a beneficial relationship. Joint travel - it's also a good way to test how strong your union, and what are the limits of what is permitted in your relationship. We want to share with you our secret knowledge - how to avoid conflict and frustration when you travel together.
Here you will find advice from our experts.

1. Get to know your partner

Folk wisdom says that the travel originating or die attitude. And this is very similar to the truth. Traveling with a friend or a partner can be a wonderful memory for a lifetime, or turn into a torture - when a few weeks after the start of the world tour, you realize that you were in the company of a man who annoys you terribly, and get away from him, you can not.
Finding the right partner is not easy to travel all that annoys you at home, it will annoy you twice as much in the journey - when you spend together twenty-four hours a day.

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Travel for students

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Today, thanks to the development of production technologies and the vast possibilities offered transport anyone in a matter of hours can get in a foreign country, and fly between continents takes less than a day. Until a few decades ago, people went beyond the maximum one area and the capital of the country visited only a few times in a lifetime. But now traveling all over the world have become more affordable in terms of time, and the financial aspect. So it is possible due to the fact that the various tourist companies are creating not only the VIP-tours for wealthy people, but also economical offer, designed for people with low income who do not just want to lie in the hotel near the pool and take advantage of the VIP-bar service, but to see other countries and learn about different cultures.

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