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Specificity of bus tours

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Bus tours are probably one of the most interesting types of tourism. No type of travel can compare with the saturation of the program and the wealth of impressions from just one trip, during which you will see several countries, cross many borders. You will see the sights of capitals and provincial towns, you will feel the national peculiarities of the people. In order to make you comfortable on the trip, we gathered for you a baggage of useful tips and recommendations:

Features of bus travel

If you are over 70 or you are overweight, if you are tall (above 1m95cm), then maybe a bus tour is not the best option for you. And still, if you chose this trip, you should be ready for some inconveniences and difficulties - tightness in the bus and quite a serious physical load during crossings between countries and cities and during walking tours.

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Last-minute trips in bus tour

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If you want to save as much as possible and at the same time to see the world, then pay attention to the bus last-minute trips. What are their features, and by what means we get the best value of such proposals? Let's try to answer these questions.

So, to start with is the fact that often the bus last-minute include just four or five-night crossings. However, we would just like to draw your attention to the advantages of this option. After all, if you spend the night on the road, the whole day you can explore the city without having to spend valuable time on a trip along the routes. Choosing the option that offers a stop at the hotel or accommodation in a hotel, travelers faced with the fact that most of the day they go to the next item.

How else burning bus tours achieve the minimum cost?

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