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How is it safer to take money abroad?

Last time we talking about:  How to return an e-ticket for an airplane?

After the problem of choosing a currency (cash, plastic cards or traveler's checks) is solved, the main question arises before a tourist is how to secure your money on the road against theft or loss. The most vulnerable way of money transfer is a purse. If you lose money on the road, it is, alas, forever - bills, carefully set aside for rest or shopping, no one will restore and return.

Plastic cards have a number of advantages. The money on the card is securely in the bank, and nobody can use them.

What if you lost your plastic card abroad?

The necessary actions of the client in case of loss of a bank card are well known. It is necessary to contact the bank that issued the card as quickly as possible and block it. If the card was stolen, this step will not allow fraudsters to spend money, paying, for example, purchases over the Internet. Each bank - the issue of plastic cards has its own customer support service, which operates around the clock. Therefore, you can contact at any time of the day or night, regardless of the difference in time zones.

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How to return an e-ticket for an airplane?

Last time we talking about:  Cancellation of the permit

The purchase of a plane ticket with the help of electronic money has long been a part of everyday service. Especially for those who are forced to travel a lot, but can not spend time buying seats through the usual cash register. Despite the fact that such a system appeared long ago, not everyone could understand this. The question arises amongst the buyers - is it possible to return an electronic ticket and how to do it, if the trip is to be rescheduled. Let's figure it out!



Registration of return of the electronic ticket

First of all, the buyer needs to determine to which category the return of his ticket applies. There are forced and voluntary options. Forced return of the electronic ticket is fully implemented (100% of the cost) and it is conducted in such cases:


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Cancellation of the permit

Last time we talking about  What is a "hot tours"?

Deciding to go on holiday to another country, often have to book a package tour ahead of time. However, there are circumstances in which you have to refuse to travel. In this case, you must immediately go to the travel agency, which bought a ticket. Money for it can be returned, having lost only a small amount, if you apply with this issue in advance and immediately issue a refusal of the permit.

Are there any penalties?

By law, you can cancel the tour at any time, because the circumstances may be different. In this case, according to the Rules for the provision of services for the sale of tourist products, fines for this are not provided for and illegal.
Despite this, many travel agencies at the conclusion of the contract, register their terms and appoint penalties. Depending on the tour operator, they can be different. So, for different agencies, they can vary from 20 to 50%. It is necessary to carefully read the contract before signing it. Despite this, even if such a point exists, if it comes to trial, it can be declared invalid.

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What is a "hot tours"?

Last time we talking about: Rules for the carriage of liquids in an airplane

What are a  "hot tours"? When is it better to buy it, and will not they deceive the travel agency when buying? Such questions are often asked by people who have never encountered this. In fact, a hot tour is an ordinary tour, which the tour operator needs to sell for several days. To quickly find a client for a tour, the company significantly reduces its cost. Such a proposal can really be real. Among vacationers, there is an erroneous opinion, according to which hot tours in travel agencies are always available. However, this is not the case.

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Rules for the carriage of liquids in an airplane

Last time we talking about   How to properly prepare for a long trip to other countries on your own car.

For each category of luggage, there are own rules of transportation on board the aircraft. In some cases, they may vary from airline to airline. This article will describe the rules for transporting liquids in an airplane.
To the category of "liquid" should be attributed:

- Cosmetic products (shampoo, gel, lotion, cosmetic oils, and masks, mascara, lipstick, toothpaste, etc.).
- Perfume products (perfumes and toilet water, air fresheners, deodorants, etc.)
- Food and drinks (alcohol, honey, puree, jam, juices, soups, etc.)

Rules for the carriage of liquids in the cabin

You have the opportunity to take some liquid in your carry-on baggage. The volume of the container should not be more than 100 ml. In total, you can take as much as 1 liter of liquid with you. Tanks must necessarily be placed in a transparent bag, which must be securely closed. Liquids in the package should not be packed jammed.

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How to properly prepare for a long trip to other countries on your own car.


A trip by car to other countries is a responsible event, and it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. Travel planning and fees remind the quest - you need to go through all levels to calmly cross the border, avoid fines on the roads, do not get tired, do not drive past the most interesting and get the most pleasure. We have collected tips for you:

The first stage: from the route to the visa

Action plan: we compose a route, book hotels (certainly with a park), prepare the necessary documents, including insurance, and get a visa. If this is the first trip by car abroad, then do not try to "grasp the immensity", trying to travel all the cities and countries in record time. Long journeys are very tiring, and short stops will not allow you to enjoy the beauty of new places. When planning to take into account the fact that when you arrive in a settlement, you will most likely leave the car in the hotel parking lot, and you will be able to see the sights by public transport. Park cars in the center of a European city is problematic, it costs a lot of money, nerves and time.

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Last time we talking about: Flight during pregnancy: tips and advice for future moms.

Going on vacation again, each of us dreams of something new. For some, it's impressions, for someone interesting acquaintances, someone is important just to relax, spend some unforgettable days on the beach, away from all problems. In this case, we first need to choose where to spend the vacation, and then also find someone who will help us realize our plans. So, what should you do to make your trip a memorable one?

It's simple, you need to follow a few simple tips:

Tip # 1: The sooner you start planning your vacation, the more options it will get in the end.
Yes, the council, of course, does not differ in originality and originality. But tell me honestly, how many of you turn to a travel agency at least a few months before the trip? As a rule, we pull to the last, and in the best case for a week we run a tour. But everything can be different. Today, travel agencies offer such services as early booking. Thanks to it, you can easily book a trip at a very favorable price for an expensive resort, which after a month will noticeably rise in price. The Internet will also be useful, it will allow you to study the assortment of tours not of one organization, but of all tourist enterprises in your city. And among them, you will definitely get the offer that you have long dreamed of!

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Flight during pregnancy: tips and advice for future moms.

Last time we talking about: Rules for safe recreation: tips and advice from experienced travelers.

How to make a flight during pregnancy safe and comfortable? Is the flight dangerous during pregnancy? And what if the flight can not be abandoned? About this and talk in this article.

Sometimes future mothers can not avoid flight for various reasons. Others want to go to the resort to recharge their health and fill the body with forces. Often there is a thought - will not the flight be dangerous for the baby? And how to avoid problems and difficulties

We have selected the best advice of practicing doctors for you. Having become acquainted with them, you can not avoid unpleasant situations.

Immediately note that so far the doctors have not clearly determined whether the flight during pregnancy affects the health of the mother and baby. Although the vast majority of experts are inclined to believe that all the same flights are contraindicated only in certain cases:

- with anemia;
- with a pathology of the placenta;
- with other problems with health.

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Rules for safe recreation: tips and advice from experienced travelers.

Last time we talking about: How to avoid scammers when buying air tickets?

A vacation is an event in the life of every person. Especially if you are planning a trip to a seaside resort or a tour to another country. We have gathered for you the rules of safe rest, adhering to which you can avoid troubles.

In our councils there is nothing extraordinary and special, but, often, many such simple things are simply forgotten. Or they neglect them. Read carefully our original memo and then vacation will be associated only with the positive.

- Preliminary preparation of the body.

If you are planning a trip to a hot country in the spring or in the winter, then you need to remember about acclimatization. The hot sun will not immediately be perceived by the body of a person accustomed to a temperate climate. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to a country where the air temperature usually exceeds 30 degrees, please specify if there is an air conditioner in the room. And when choosing excursions, give preference to those companies that use air-conditioned buses. By the way! Acclimatization usually takes about 3-4 days. Therefore, it will be logical to take a ticket for 14 days.

Advice! Adaptation is faster if you drink plenty of water after the arrival. And in order to prevent the possibility of an upset stomach, for the first 2-3 days, eat only the usual food for you.

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How to avoid scammers when buying air tickets?

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"Cheap air tickets! Discounts and promotions! The best prices for tickets to anywhere in the world "- such appeals are abundantly found on various sites. Striving to save money on flights, travelers get into the network of scammers.
Few people understand that the difference in the cost of air tickets on different sites should not be significant. And if it differs several times, then it should cause, at least, doubts.

However, attractive, low cost makes inexperienced travelers forget about everything and arrange a ticket purchase. Understanding of the situation occurs only when the buyer does not receive it after payment of the boarding pass. But to change anything, to return money is already unreal.
In order not to "get caught in the network" scammers, do not lose time and money, carefully read the information below.

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