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How to choose the right hotel?

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One of the most important components of a good holiday is the right hotel choice.
Choosing the right hotel is the key to a good holiday. We often do not attach special importance to this parameter, but it is problems and inconveniences during the stay in the hotel that can spoil the whole rest. We offer several criteria, according to which tourists should choose hotels.

- Waiting from the hotel

First of all, you must determine what you expect from the hotel. Room, service, food, entertainment, additional services - all this affects the travel experience.

Especially scrupulous, you must treat the choice of the hotel, if you are traveling with children. Check in advance if there is an animation program for children, amusement parks, babysitting services at the selected hotel.

If you go on a sightseeing tour, then pay attention to the location of the hotel. How fast can you get from there to all the main attractions? In this case, the level and category of the hotel will not matter much - in fact, most likely you will only come there to spend the night.

It is useful to know the features of hotels in the country where you are going. Beach vacation in Spain or in Italy, for example, does not involve staying at the hotel all the time, so they do not have animation or a variety of additional services.

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Nuances during check-in and stay at the hotel

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When settling in and staying at the hotel there are many nuances about which not all tourists know. As a result, tourists face problems and misunderstandings. Therefore, in this article, we will try to consider all possible questions that may arise during your holiday.

Even if you bought a ticket to a travel agency and flew to rest with a tour operator, then all your problems in the hotel travel agency do not apply! The task of the travel agency is to sell you a package, arrange a flight, transfer, book a hotel and everything. But some special rested tourists believe that if the plane is bad, then this is not a complaint to the airline, but to the travel agency. And if the hotel has poor food or the room does not work air conditioning, then these problems should be solved by the travel agency. In general, the travel agency in these cases has nothing to do with it, and you have to solve all the issues at the hotel with the hotel staff.

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Why you need travel insurance?

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One of the most joyful and at the same time tedious moments of the forthcoming journey is planning. It is not easy to take into account everything, especially if the trip is planned for a long time. In this case, you need insure. Our life is unpredictable, especially when traveling. If you go further than the village to your grandmother, the insurance should become your guarantor of peace and security. This is one of the most justified investments that you can make before a trip.

You definitely need insurance if you:

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5 Tips from Hotel Employees

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People working in hotels know for sure that the years of study pay off in their first trip abroad. Want to know why? They know all the subtleties of this sphere of services, which means that they are insured against overpayments and frauds. Surely you will find these tips useful for travelers from professionals.



- Choose the right dates


Michael Terry of the University of Hospitality Management of Florida argues that the cost of service in hotels depends on one single factor: demand. Do you want to relax inexpensively and without crowds of tourists? Go on vacation two weeks before the Catholic Christmas, at the very end of August or in the first few weeks of September.



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How to save on renting a car?

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More and more people prefer to refuse package tours and travel independently. It's nice to feel that you are your own master, where you want, went there. For the complete independence of movement, transport is needed, and the public is not always convenient. And daily trips by taxi can hit hard on the budget. If you drive a car, the most comfortable option to get acquainted with the country will be renting a car on vacation. Today we will tell you a few secrets how to save on car rental without compromising on the quality of the rest.

- Book in advance

There are several obvious advantages in booking a car online. First, a pre-determined price will save you from a typical situation in Asia, when the tourist inflates the cost several times. With Europe and America even more interesting - periodically check prices and see different dates. It may be that from the second or third day of vacation, a cheaper car will be free than from the very first. In addition, by filling out the booking form from your country, you will be informed in advance of all the necessary documents: an international driving license, the rights (may be required), a foreign passport, a credit card (there may be special requirements, for example, only VISA or MasterCard only).

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One in the journey: safety rules for girls

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Travel and discover the world can be in many ways. Doing it alone is as beautiful as in the company. Today we want to give a few tips specifically for girls who decide to go on a trip alone. The fact is that tourists more often than local residents become victims of adventurers, and if you are a girl, to rebuff can be more difficult than avoiding an undesirable situation.

Be confident

The most important moment in a solitary journey is to be confident in your abilities and sober, but it is optimistic to look at things. Excessive fear will spoil your rest and you risk missing a lot of interesting things. The person, in whose sight the alarm is read, first of all, will draw the attention of the potential offender. Walk as if you know exactly where to go, even if you lost an hour ago, enjoy unexpected discoveries, and when you decide that it's time to return to the hotel, catch a taxi. If you want to save money and get on public transport or on foot, ask the road from someone who causes trust: a woman, a family, the workers of the nearest cafe or shop.

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How to save money when booking a hotel?

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Travel planning usually begins with the purchase of tickets, and the choice and booking of the hotel are often delayed at the last minute. At the same time, if you give the process a little more attention, you can not only find a great place but also save a lot. Today we want to tell you about a few tricks with which you can find the perfect hotel at the best price.

1. Learn the cost of parking

If during the vacation you plan to rent a car, do not forget to check the cost of parks and add it to the cost of the room. Perhaps somewhere near there is a hotel on a star higher, but with free parking, which in the end will allow you to save and win in comfort.

2. Choose the type of number

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Hotels - the best accommodation for the traveler.

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You have booked a ticket, and now you need to choose the perfect accommodation. How should it be? Rent a house, a separate room or hostel? Judging by the results of the survey, the majority prefer to stay in hotels while traveling.

Different types of housing alternatives have its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be dealt. Hotels are the reliable, convenient and easy option. Do not agree? Here are some reasons why the hotels are still the number one option for travelers.

Can you not get tickets to the theater? Do you need to consult a good restaurant? Or consult a hurry to get somewhere? Just take and call at the reception! Typically, employees know all the appearances and passwords. Especially when it comes to their area. They will help you with any question.

Do not be sad if due to the fact that you forgot to put in the suitcase for charging mobile - or panic if you accidentally shut the door to the room, and you are left without a key. The fact of their work is to ensure you have a house with no worries and troubles.

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What are the stars of the hotel?

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No analyst tourism businesses did not immediately respond, how many hotels there on the globe - they are the really huge amount and with each passing day, it becomes more and more. No wonder that someone once wanted to sort out all of these hotels in the ranks. It is also not surprising that the idea came to many. So there were different systems of classification of hotels. There are about thirty. Each with its symbols and system of criteria: Swedish "keys", the British "Crown" Indian "points", "Stars" finally.

Most often, the European consumer enjoys the hotel services "star" classification. This system is popular everywhere. It is to her as a common denominator, we strive to reduce the conditional alternative designations hotel services.


1 implies minimal comfort. Located in a nondescript field. As a rule, hotels of this class is very small - up to 10 numbers. Meals are not provided, but sometimes for a fee, you can get a simple breakfast. Facilities may be on the floor. Log in after the morning often denied.

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