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Going on a journey you need to know ...

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  Traveling people are sometimes unhappy with the rest. Tourists often face legal problems before, during and after their journey. To know your rights, you need to read some of the provisions of the law. Every tourist should know that today all tour companies are divided into tour operators and travel agents.

The tour operator is engaged in the formation of a tourist product. Travel agent - the sale of this product. Each tour operator has its own specific set of tourist services, while the agency works simultaneously with several operators and has a wider range of offers. The right choice for a tourist.

When preparing for a trip, pay attention to the reputation of the travel agency, the services of which you are going to use:

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Traveling with children is not at all a difficult task. The secret of a successful journey with the kids is in the good preparation of the parents before the flight. Here are a few tips that will allow your family to fly easily and without tears.

1. Calculate the time correctly. Try to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. When booking tickets for your family, try to avoid transplants and delays and stay away from the crowd at the airport.
Information from employees:

Friday is usually the busiest day in airports. Saturday is the less stressful day.
In July, people travel the most. In February, the flow of passengers is usually minimal.
The least delays are usually on morning flights.

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Useful travel tips

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Useful travel tips:

Even those for whom tourism hobbies are an integral part of life and sometimes commit gross errors. How to avoid it? Check what useful travel tips:

Tourism Tips

1 Before you go somewhere, get acquainted with the usual rates for housing on all possible websites. Calculate the arithmetic mean and 15 percent Castaway. This will be the amount for which you need to focus, choosing the place for your holidays. Remember that many initially wind the prices (almost everywhere), so do not hesitate to bargain.

2 In order to not worry about the documents, it is better to do them beforehand and to assure a photocopy and scan. Suddenly, on the border are unlikely to understand your "word of honor." The same applies if the documents are stolen (which is not uncommon).

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How to go on a trip around the world?

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Today we want to dispel the most popular myths about the world tour and talk about what you need to do, it is also easy to circumnavigate the globe. Therefore, if you want to realize their dream of a world tour - then this article you will be very useful. So, you need to go on a trip around the world?

The first misconception concerns finances. Argued that go on such a journey - it's expensive. In fact, every year is traveling around the earth are becoming more accessible and affordable. But sometimes fly to Thailand in the "hot" season is more expensive. And for the money in the world tour, you will get not a bike ride, and a tour with all the amenities: air travel and hotels. Therefore, an independent trip around the world this is no longer a luxury only available to a few, but an opportunity for everyone to see the world and fly it around. The bulk of the expenditure is spent on flights.

The second myth is trip around the world - it is a long time. Of course, to fully explore the more than 15 countries, it is very time-consuming. But start small: to lay down their first impression of the country, enough 3-4 days. Total two-week vacation to the standard you can get to visit 5-6 countries.

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Things to know when traveling abroad

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If you are only going to take a trip, especially in the hot distant exotic country, before collecting bags need to make sure that your health allows you to go on vacation. Firstly, you need to visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination. Secondly, you should learn about the specific infectious and other diseases, common in the countries of your tourist route, and it is possible to think about the preventive vaccination. So, going to a country where widespread diseases such as tetanus, typhoid fever, viral hepatitis B, meningococcal infection, etc.

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How to avoid the tourist traps

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Several years ago, the famous traveler and writer Gregory Dikam and his wife went on vacation to Bangkok (Thailand). First of all, the couple decided to visit the famous tourist attraction of Khao San Road. However, they waited for cruel disappointment: instead of an exciting walk through the "real Thailand" they saw the same crowd of tourists, and no local resident and not caught their eye! Getting in a small alley in the neighborhood, the couple was surprised to find a small but charming Buddhist temple, the congregation which was celebrated a holiday. They were so friendly people, immediately offered to foreigners newcomers to share their meal and take part in the general merriment. In this case, it turned out to be such a wonderful place is the tourist routes. "It is obvious that every traveler yearns to see the authentic Thailand or any other country - writes Dikam - But few dare to go 200 meters away from of the popular guidebook of the route This feature of the tourist traps:. Instead of the beauty of a place you see! other tourists. "

From the foregoing, of course, it should not be inferred that the bowl with a thick soup of clams on the dock fishing - one of the official symbols of San Francisco (USA) - does not deserve a place of honor among the popular attractions. And, perhaps, nothing can replace a walk around these pyramids in Giza (Egypt). However, not all destinations are the same. Some of them, no doubt, deserve the stigma full of traps for travelers. Assessing the crowds of noisy tourists instead of the promised silence, vivid landscapes for postcards instead alleged exquisitely picturesque expenses and comparing advertising appeals to the reality, we have compiled a short list of truly remarkable ways.

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Individual tours: advantages and disadvantages

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Regardless of when you are going on vacation, in most cases, you refer to a travel agency to purchase the tour. This article will try to find out the pros and cons of an individual tour.

The individual tour represents a range of different tourist services that are provided by the tour operator alone tourist or group of tourists. During this tour a possible number of additional services, such as the provision of a car with a personal driver and personal guide-guide.

This tour is selected taking into account all the wishes of the client. This includes the selection of hotel, catering at a restaurant or cafe, planning different activities and excursions. These customer requirements are the responsibility of a travel company that organizes such a trip. Travel company negotiates in advance all the issues relating to changes in travel itinerary and visit other sites of entertainment and excursions.

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How to prepare a child for a long journey

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We all like to travel. They are no exception and children. They are just more likely to like to travel and explore new places. Some people believe that travel and the search for a new adventure end for them once they became parents. But in reality, it is not so. In any journey, the children are the best companions. They seek to understand the world and sometimes notice things which you would not pay attention. But, going, to travel with the child need to know a number of rules that must be followed when traveling with children.

1. It is not necessary, to begin with, a long journey. After three or four-year-old child will be difficult to travel in the car or move a long flight on an airplane. And if you plan to travel with your child, to begin with, imagine that you have already done. Buy the necessary travel gear, put a tent in the yard of his house, spread fire, and do all the things that you do during this trip. First of all, you should teach your children the basics of orienteering straight into the nearest forest or forest plantation. Try to create a situation, what you have to do in this journey.

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Who pays for the failed tour

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Leave your home country is not so easy, even for a few days. There are many reasons that prevent the departure of our tourists abroad - from passport expired before the disease is ruined you practically the day of departure. But, fortunately, most of the trouble can be avoided, and from random - insure.

Changing the departure time
Three students who have bought cheap trips to Egypt, arrived at the airport, as expected, two hours before the registration and found that their plane for a couple of hours in the air. Tourists are long shaken to its employee's terrestrial services tickets, which bore the later departure time, but to no avail: the departure time charter was changed at the request of the customer's flight, and that he was obliged to promptly notify its customers.

If a traveler missed the plane is not their fault, it is necessary to take a written confirmation from airport services, which will be recorded by the discrepancy between the time indicated on the ticket, and the actual hour of departure. This information will serve as the basis for the presentation of the travel agency claims.

Alas, often in such cases, companies are looking for excuses, saying that we kept the information to your relatives (uttered on an answering machine, a warning was sent by e-mail). It should also have understood that such explanations are untenable: change the time of departure as an essential condition of the contract according to the law is only possible with the consent of both parties and signed by each of them and.

In this case, the agency should send the tourists to their destination the next flight on the same day or the next, as well as compensation for lost holiday time.

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Rules of conduct in the journey by bus

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Navigate between cities and countries on buses is not only inexpensive but also convenient for many reasons. We already wrote about the advantages of the bus. Today will tell you about the rules of conduct in this journey and provide a list of needed items to the trip was not only interesting but also more comfortable.

How to organize a trip?

In principle, the organization of such a trip should not bring problems: all-you should choose the direction and book a ticket on the bus. Our advice: instead to stand in line at the ticket office, you better try to buy a bus ticket through the Internet. And do not even need to look for the direction you want to dozens of carriers sites - it is easier to see the available routes and prices at once in one place.

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