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Air Force Majeure

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Agree, it is better to be prepared for any unpleasant situation. This is especially true for those who travel by air, and is a "hostage" of meteorological and other negative "factors of influence."

Delays, cancellations, and delays in flights, overbooking, damage, and loss of baggage are the most common situations that irritate travelers. What to do? Where to run? To whom to address? It's pretty simple.


This is the most common type of force majeure, which can make adjustments to the plans of travelers. From half an hour to a couple of dozen hours. However, whatever the duration and reason for the delay - (technical, meteorological or socio-political) - the airline is obliged to provide a certain set of services. Of course, it's free. This includes communication (two phone calls to anywhere in the world and 2 emails) and food/drinks during the period of forced waiting. The situation with food is as follows. The time of arrival of your breakfast/lunch/dinner is regulated and depends on the distance of the delayed flight. So, passengers of short flights (up to 1500 km) begin to feed after 2 hours, if the range is medium (from 1500 to 3500 km) - at least after 3, and for passengers of long-haul flights (more than 3500 km), food arrives in 4 hours.

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Overbooking: how not to get lost and fly away on time?

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A month ago, news outlets around the world posted a dramatic video. It shows how the guards rudely took the passenger out of the plane. The incident is that the man had a ticket, and he bought it in the most usual way, but the staff of United Airlines decided that he should leave the plane and give way to the employee of the company. Such an unpleasant situation is one of the types of overbooking. What is it and how to avoid trouble?

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How to avoid troubles and force majors when traveling by plane? (part 2)

Last time we talking about   How to avoid troubles and force majors when traveling by plane?

What to do if you are denied registration?

There are situations that airlines refuse to register for a flight if the ticket to another country is purchased only one way. Often a return ticket requires the employees of the passport and visa control of the country of destination. A passenger who can not convince officials that he is not a potential migrant is more likely to be deported to his homeland. Often this is paid by the airline, on the flight of which the passenger checks documents (validity of the passport, valid visa, return ticket) occurs even before departure.

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