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Going on a journey you need to know ...

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  Traveling people are sometimes unhappy with the rest. Tourists often face legal problems before, during and after their journey. To know your rights, you need to read some of the provisions of the law. Every tourist should know that today all tour companies are divided into tour operators and travel agents.

The tour operator is engaged in the formation of a tourist product. Travel agent - the sale of this product. Each tour operator has its own specific set of tourist services, while the agency works simultaneously with several operators and has a wider range of offers. The right choice for a tourist.

When preparing for a trip, pay attention to the reputation of the travel agency, the services of which you are going to use:

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What if I lost my passport abroad?

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While abroad, you should always carefully monitor your documents, otherwise you risk creating a lot of problems, particularly with the return to their homeland. But what if the loss still occurs?

Do not panic, you only need to know how to restore the passport in case of loss, which should be treated and what actions to carry out in this case.

Action scheme

Get ready for the fact that instead of the country's attractions you have to visit its state institutions. Perhaps there was a loss, and not your negligence, in which case, you need to understand what to do if the passport was stolen.

The first institution where you should turn it the police of the country in which you have lost your passport. There you will need to write a statement about the loss or theft of your document. Ask the police to provide you with confirmation that the current time, you do not have passports. If you refuse to provide a certificate (in some states can not figure out what you need it for the embassy), not to write a statement about the loss of the document, and its theft. In this case, you will need to issue a report that you've come to the station with a similar statement.

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Safety precautions when traveling abroad

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Everyone wants his vacation was calm, but it is not always. The knowledge about the history, traditions and modern life of the host country to help orient in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, there are simple rules that will help tourists to get away during the holiday abroad.

Preparing for Your Trip
Before traveling abroad, it is best to write the number of the Russian embassy or consulate in the country to which you are traveling, as well as the police phone numbers, ambulance, and fire.

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