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9 myths about traveling on trains

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We have studied the stereotypes associated with traveling by rail, and are ready, to tell the truth.

Myth 1. If you miss the train, return the ticket and get the money back
Wrong. After leaving the train you can get back some of the money. The price of the travel document consists of two parts: the cost of the ticket (payment for the use of the railway) and the cost of a reserved seat (fee for using the services of the train). If you are late for your train, a reserved seat will not be returned to you, and you can get the ticket cost back.
To return the ticket, you need to apply to the cashier at the train station not later than 12 hours after the departure of the train. In the first three hours, it's enough to show a ticket and an identity document. From the fourth to the end of the 12th hour, you still need to write a claim statement. How to do it, tell the employee at the checkout.

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At the moment, the transfer by train is inferior to the flights on the plane. Increased comfort in the cabin of the aircraft and a fast arrival time to the destination captivates. But still, some people find reasons to travel only on trains. For example, those who are very afraid of heights.
Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling on trains. Go :)

Positive moments:

- Low ticket price. Agree, traveling by train is much cheaper than on airplanes or even on buses. And students, in general, can travel for half the cost.

- A large and convenient network of routes. Not all cities have airports, but there are railway stations and platforms even in villages. There are many hub stations where you can easily change to the right direction.
You save time and energy if you travel by night express. It is very convenient to take a train in the evening, and in the morning on arrival immediately go to explore the sights of the city, because you already slept on the train.

- Trains are late less often than planes.

- More space in the car. You can lie down, walk around the car, sit, maybe even do yoga :)

- Most of the stations are located in the city center. Thus, you save time and money on a transfer from the airport.

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Going on a trip, you can choose a variety of vehicles. Airplane, car, bus - there are a lot of options. However, it is the train that helps to overcome long distances for a small price. And still, there is a romantic mood. That is why the popularity of rail transport does not decrease with time.

In order to travel by train without problems and receive only positive emotions, you need to remember a few simple rules and tips:

- Going to the station, be sure to check whether the tickets for the train and passport are in place. As to detect their absence before landing, the impression is not pleasant. However, if you forget and lose only tickets, they can be restored at the ticket office of the railway station. To do this, you need to show your passport. In this case, it is desirable to remember or write down the number of the train, car, and seat in it, this will speed up the restoration of tickets.

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Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train.

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Probably every second loves to travel because it is a new experience, emotions, memories and new knowledge. But in order to get to the right place, you need to get there. Very often this is done using buses, airplanes, ships, but the most common are the trains.

Advantages of travel by train are obvious: it is quite democratic and costs of transport, which has almost all the amenities, including the bed.

1. Train tickets can be ordered from the comfort of home, by telephone or via the Internet. Upon receipt you just show your passport and pay the full cost of the ticket, if it has not been paid previously (electronic money or a credit card).

2. If there are no tickets in one place, you can take in the other, and from there to get to the address of interest, it is possible to easily change the route and driving directions to leave of their own accord.

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Travel by train with a child: what to consider

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Any trip would be nicer if all the pre-plan, organize and cover all possible situations that can happen to you. If you are traveling with a toddler, then you need to write two lists: one for the child, and the second - the total.

Now moving by train remains more affordable than most other forms of transport. By the way, all these amenities can be found not only in the SW and coupe cars but also in the ordinary inexpensive reserved seat. Of course, that you have not been robbed, you need to be very carefully and take a responsible approach to the choice of the train.

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What things you need to take a train ride

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All tourists know that traveling by train is much more comfortable than the bus. And it's not just the speed and the possibility to walk through the carriage. The trip on the train will never be tiring. Even if the trip includes a stay overnight. Of course, we can not say that the road will be comfortable in all respects. In many ways, the trip will depend on the things that definitely need to take with you on the road.
Defined list, of course, does not exist. Someone who constantly uses the services of iron road transport knows that it can take on the road in the first place, what items are indispensable for the trip.

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