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Features of travel by bus

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Of course, the price of bus tours is different from traveling by plane, the trip turns out to be budgetary, and the places that are included in such tours are much larger, so many tourists choose this kind of budgetary mode of transport for transportation. We propose to understand in more detail the peculiarities of traveling by Europe by bus.

Now tourists successfully combine cultural rest with trips to shops, thanks to a strict travel schedule. The travel route becomes known long before departure, so you can effectively plan your free time.

It is convenient that in a trip on the bus in the group, you can go alone, and on the way to get acquainted with fellow travelers. Thus, you will always have someone nearby, with whom you can share your impressions, ask you to take a picture of yourself against the backdrop of the sights. The journey is necessarily headed by at least one accompanying with knowledge of languages, which will conduct excursions, organize a tourist group, and two drivers.

Going to Europe for the first time, it is better to choose several countries with famous cities. As for night crossings, everything is individual here: the modern bus assumes the availability of comfortable reclining chairs, TV, toilet and mini-kitchen, but can not replace a full rest in the bed. Moreover, spending the night in a hotel within the framework of a tour is inexpensive because of group discounts and uncomfortable location along the transport highways far from the city.

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What You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

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You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

When choosing a guided tour
As a travel rate their strength. You, as a true traveler, waiting for the early rise and the late arrival at the hotel, trekking tours and travel in the bus, when you select the tour program, pay attention to the mileage crossings. Be prepared for a large flow of information and constant communication with fellow

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