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9 myths about traveling on trains

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We have studied the stereotypes associated with traveling by rail, and are ready, to tell the truth.

Myth 1. If you miss the train, return the ticket and get the money back
Wrong. After leaving the train you can get back some of the money. The price of the travel document consists of two parts: the cost of the ticket (payment for the use of the railway) and the cost of a reserved seat (fee for using the services of the train). If you are late for your train, a reserved seat will not be returned to you, and you can get the ticket cost back.
To return the ticket, you need to apply to the cashier at the train station not later than 12 hours after the departure of the train. In the first three hours, it's enough to show a ticket and an identity document. From the fourth to the end of the 12th hour, you still need to write a claim statement. How to do it, tell the employee at the checkout.

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